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Ricky Charles Dodson - my story.

9 Years Ago

I have been a story telller since I could talk. I did'nt learn how to read until I was 22. I faied 1st grade. My parents were told my brain was wired backwards because I could write and draw with both hands. I was put in a school for the "SPECIAL" people for six years. I was put on Ritiland at 7 and took it like candy for 7 years, resulting in hundreads of crazy wild bad "trips".  The public School system took away my unique ability and claimed they had cured me. I was told I was the first person cured of "Brane in backwards" in Arlington, Texas and mainstreamed back into public school in a most bizzar way.
I learned to blow glass at the age of 11. By fourteen I owned several stores in malls.  I was known as the "Story Telling Glass Blower". For over thirty  years I combined my lifetime carreer of blowing glass with my ability to spin a yarn on the spot, while I made the piece.  I would make their creation, maybe a unicorn, or poodle and tell them a story, which most often was only told once. My stories were allways unuasual and had a unique positive message. For whatever reason, peoplle loved the combination of the flickering of my flame and the vocal stream of my mind. I became a fine artist with the large sculptures you can see on m web site and was asked to make a piece for the white house.
 My personial story is very unique. Now retired at 56 I am telling it for the first time. I have almost compleated my first small book - "My God I'm Nervous, Give That Kid Another Pill"! I hope to have it published by June. It is simply an amazing story of how the goverment, doctors, public school system and prechers totally screwed my life and how I delt with it.