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A must read: Whats Behind the Looking Glass?

10 Years Ago

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Re: A must read: Whats Behind the Looking Glass?

10 Years Ago


Each of us has our own views and thoughts and likes and dislikes... you've already had some good comments to view, think over, and incorporate as you feel fit. Being the author and having seriously put YOUR two years into it you've worked and reworked and reworked all the more.

Sometimes it isn't errors as such that hold us back. It seems we forget that you can't FORCE someone to turn the page to continue a story. They have to want to do that and care about the characters and the story you are telling.

I read this chapter... and within a paragraph started to change and combine thoughts, focus and refocus what was being said. I dropped words, phrases, rearranged and recombined. Shortening, compacting, trying to bring interest and color back. You are telling a story, I don't want to turn the page... I'm not being mean nor cold nor anything but real. I can tell you how I would do things - but man its YOUR story to tell ... so just one chapter - JUST ONE SECTION AT A TIME, make me want to turn that page. Don't worry over the whole freaking encyclopedia... just concern yourself one bit at a time. Make me, make US want to KNOW what's happening, make us HAVE to turn the pages to find out because we want to, because we MUST! Bring back the heat, the taste...lose what isn't necessary - what detracts and takes away from your thoughts. Give it a VOICE that wants being heard.

Yeah, I know, what do I do... he didn't give me his words... but I did give you something important. I gave real direction and real insight. It was my opinion, quite true, but I did run Training, and Technical Writing Departments for some big companies and I have really mentored writers. I've also managed Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions, hired writers, supervised performance, reviewed as contractually required and produced finished Manuals and Documentation in excess of thousand of pages of proven text, illustrations, and designs.

You can do it... just focus on one section, make it come alive again and thereafter the rest WILL follow.

Take care man,