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Writer's block

8 Years Ago

Hey guys! So here's my advice with writers block. (this only pertains to story writers, no poets, sorry) 
1. What are you writing about? Is it a love story, adventure or fantasy? Organize your thoughts
2. If one didn't work, and you are completly out ideas, go to a local bookstore with a notebook. Find a novel that seems remotly interesting no matter how weird it may seem and buy it, (a libary works just as fine if you're a student like me.) Read the novel and take notes. Review the notes and think about how you could change the story. What can you add to make a story cooler or better. Just be sure to change the main characters, setting and plot. Or instance, let's take Twilight. It isn't good. However if I replace Bella with a girl named Rachel, Edward the vampire with Jake the intelligent zombie and Jacob the werewolf with Mitch the Pooka, and toss in some interesting plots and work in some good writing and we've got something that might work!  Avoid plagerism at all costs!

3. Ask your friends for help! Facebook is a huge help. 

Well that's all I can say. I hope I've helped. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go write that love story about a girl being forced to choose between a zombie and a Irish shape-shifting fairy!