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11 Years Ago

  Hey, guys. I haven't been logged on in awhile and I just felt the urge that I wanted to tell you. Big deal is that my sacred laptop broke. I know. It's heartbreaking, right?

  Anyway, I have updates!

  My book, True Fangs, was never finished. Honestly, I looked at it as a step for me and something that allowed me to write freely. After realizing I wasn't going to get that one done, I began a new one, The Hour of Night, which was much more detailed and realistic than the last. I have to say, it blew everybody away, but not me. I loved what I finished-yes, it's done work- and I sent a few Query Letters to agents. But then I wanted to write another one. Just a few days ago I started yet another Vampire novel.

  This one is the one. I'm set on that. The past books were written to elevate my technique and skill and I look back on them as worthy of my time.

  Also, I need to get to reading over my Contest Entries, which I will catch up on once I recieve my laptop back fixed. Should only take a few days.