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The poetic Wanderers : Forum : Hot Pink Lipstick

Hot Pink Lipstick

6 Years Ago

Here's a poem from my book, Digging to China, available in paperback and as an ebook, through Sweatshoppe Publications. Enjoy! ( Hot Pink Lipstick

It was the first dead body I’d seen,
Hot pink lipstick:
I laughed at the choice.
Painted cheeks, rosy
like those of a doll.
Hands that had held mine
stroked my hair,
prepared my dinner,
now stiff,
angelic, no longer capable
of love or embrace.
My grandmother
in a box lined with silk,
optimum comfort for the dead,
lips closed, unsmiling
blue eyes hiding behind shaded lids.
Red hair that had been dyed the day of her death,
her final living act, unknown