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11 Years Ago

          Okay, so I live in Zimbabwe (in Africa), and every year there's this big music and art celebration in my hometown, Harare. It's called Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), and people come from all over the world to perform.          So one night, at like 11pm, I decide to go and see this big rap & reggae performance on the main stage, so my dad drops me off there. The band is awesome, the lyrics are sick, and all dat, so I'm totally jamming out; dancing and jumping around and stuff.          It's really dark in the crowd even though the stage is lit up; strobe lights and colorful patterns and stuff, but it's dark down where I am. I end up joining this group of people who are also dancing their asses off - you know, hair flying everywhere, arms flailing, all that. I can't really tell what most of them look like. I end up dancing crazily with this one woman, shouting, hooting, and everything. The performance finally ends and the spotlights shoot out into the crowd. I look at the people around me for the first time with lights on us, and I realize that the woman I've been dancing with...    ...was my Middle School english teacher.  :P           Seeing her at school after that was super odd, as I'm sure you can imagine.