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11 Years Ago

looking for some really good urban literature please write a list for me thanks

Re: books

11 Years Ago

If you're still around...Some that I've enjoyed are

Ski Mask Way - (G-Unit book; K. Elliot)
Heaven's Fury - (G-Unit Books; Meta Smith)
....actually most of the G-Unit Books, written by other authors, not 50 cent, books are pretty good.

Coldest Winter Ever - Sista solujah

Hoodlum - K'wan
Road Dawgz - K'Wan
EvE - K'wan
Hoodlum - K'wan
...I'd recommend any K'Wan book, he's my favorite of the genre.

it's actually easier just name authors, in this genre, so I'll list some, but not all will be my personal recommendations, some are just insanely popular in the genre

Nikki Turner
Terri Woods
Wahida Clark
Mark Anthony
Relentless Aaron...

the list is long.

Also you could start with a few anthologies to get a few short stories from a variety of authors

Re: books

10 Years Ago

i'm actually ghostwriting a urban fiction novel right now. I posted the prologe up on here, check it out.

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