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Tell us about your feline!

10 Years Ago

I love cats. Ever since I was a baby. I used to buy cat food with my pocket money and feed homeless cats when I was little ^^ Finally, I was allowed to own a cat when I was eleven. I got him few days after my (eleventh) birthday, and I can honesty say that he is my best friend. Ever.

I have a theory that when I'm fifty I'll live in a caravan in woods with fifteen cats, and I'll be known as a a crazy cat lady. That sound good to me!

His name is Vince, he's four years old and he is a mix of Siamese and Birman (
Sacred Cat Of Burma) breeds. He looks more like a Birman, but not so fluffy XD I have this book about cats (Cool Cats by Desmond Morris), and it has a pretty cool legend and theory of how Birman cats are holly. Makes me feel so proud ^^ 

Here's a picture: 

And another...

Now, tell me about your cats! :)
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Re: Tell us about your feline!

9 Years Ago

Haha, you're cat is ADORABLE!! <33 

My kitty isn't all MY cat, he's also my cousin Mir's and my aunt Dee's but whatever. He's my baby more than anything and i love him to DEATH. I would post a picture, but i dont have any of him on this computer.

But he has tabby stripes and he's that brownish-grey color you sorta see in most tabby's and yeah, i loveys him. <333 I have a pic up on the poem i wrote "kiki" and thats what he sort of looks like. He gives me the same look anyway. His name is Pancho, my aunt named him, but i always called him "kitty, kitty" and when i said it really fast it sounded like "kiki" So yeah. <33 That's what i calll him, even if it IS girly. I dun care, he dun care, so it's all good. Haha. <33

I'll post a picture once i finally get one on here. <33 Dangit, i love him so much!! <33 Haha, if my cat was a human, i'd marry him on the spot! He's freaking adorables!!

Okay, yeah. I'll stop rambling on abut him now, but i just love him SOOO much!! <333