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God and Me

11 Years Ago

 I am not afraid to study or do any kind of thing             
 I love Christ a lot but I am just anti in one thing why should sinners deserve heaven      Why should other  who threatens poor and weak person like me get better life than me if I am the one who              
believes in Real Lord- Christ 
I don’t know why He loves the others more              
Are they more deserving to get him and not me              
These who call themselves the warriors here               
Let them see what you are my Lord               
Let them see how jeleous you are               
My pains , don’t let them shade away in daylight                
I call you by day and night                
I know I will be there with you God; in heaven                
But what good is it as they would eitherway be  in hell     
My tears evaporate                
They are left unseen and my cries                
They remain unheard yet                
They say we have our brothers and fathers                
How should I answer them O Lord                
My words are like sword with blunt edges                
Their sharpness lost; as it was you                
My strenght is you                
Seeking you; lifting my eyes                
My eyes dry up                
No tears left to shed                
No cries left to scream                
Don’t know  whom should I speak unto                
Whose eyes to contact to                
Whose lips to speak thy prophecy -The lehends 
Now a days I feel the same                  
I have ever had                  
Scripts says He makes the shephered the king                  
Am I more than shephered?                  
No my Lord. No my Lord.                  
All say my blood’s impure                   
Is it?                   
I dip my blood in yours                   
I have bear mockery                   
I have let them hurl insults on me                   
Didn't I lived life on your steps?                   
You too took mockery and insults                   
Your soul was slained                   
Even mine; they bled you                   
Same they metted out with me                    
I look upon you to provide me justice                   
My eyes have swelled up waiting                   
Waiting for your mercy                   
Your kingdom to come   
And what they say me now?                   
They say I am against you                    
I am possessed                   
They ask me whats my obsession with this money                   
They ask so because they haven’t been through what I have                     
They reckon that I have no business here                    
No right to stand amongst them                    
No destiny written in golden with luminous pen like their’s                    
What if the time lock opens                     
I girded with chains of indesplicability                    
Will I be displicable to the one who have been the same to me                    
Key to eternal knowledge                    
That’s what God does wish man to get                    
They say you aren’t the one who forsees future                    
Yes because I fortalk future                    
And whatever on earth it has to be                    
It isn’t in favor of what I wished                    
My pains entice me now                     
I feel bled with them                    
But now certain fears grip me                    
Will ever Lord God be with me?     
What hope and good was my faith of                    
If it tumbles before the fated day                    
But if it’s the way He wishes                    
Let it be the same 
They say you write rubbish                    
As its far from their’s comprehension                    
Days pass by and grew near                    
The day when my wishes will again rise                    
They will as decided they will                     
No to discuss about them its what scriptures say  
I am not invited in any gathering                     
Life is hard to live                     
My words are painful                     
They increase my pain                     
Living amongst people in no way like you                     
Losing a part of my soul                     
My hands shake                      
Its more hard to breathe here                      
There is stiffness in my throat because of sorrow                      
I look for excuse to lure myself                       
I persuade myself to believe good days are near                       
Still walking on roads with thorns                       
My feet bleed and my heart continuously sobs                      
My brain makes me more weak than ever                       
Through its knowledge that there is no way out                       
My teeth; they ache because of hunger                       
My tounge yearning for water                       
My legs; they are stiff now                       
But still here I am walking on death road                       
Mind says death’s better                       
Still don’t wanna lose hope                       
Continuously walking on death road                        
No one is there where I am going                        
Too cold to bear; failure biting all the way                        
Wherever I go , Wherever I go                        
Faces of enemies I see during this journey of mine                        
They are happy and revelling                        
Then I see face of a boy who struggled a lot                        
Was drowning and choking                         
Terrible were his cries, his eyes were swollen                         
Cries were loud in beginning; then silented his wovs                         
 For that boy is pathetically helpless                          
His poor helpless face occupies my mind                          
And here I walk on death road 
My mouth gapes                           
My feet seems to be weigted                           
Weighted they are                           
Locked with heavy chains of days of sorrow                           
My eyes are heavy                           
My goal no where near to be seen                            
Still here I continue to walk on death road