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one thing that is not evil

14 Years Ago

one thing that is not evil is our writing. no matter how fucked it's written it's not written from the last row in the movie house in cold transactional judgement: will he be a good provider, father, look good at parties? everything we do about the "him" walking just beyond our reach is a contortion on stage, live and right there, ballet bending over to show our useless levi bumps and trembling knees -- the displacement of the mass, the lines we write, between our body standing and wanting, and then sagged in empty incomprehension we comprend waaay too well, is the vibration distance of a heart beat next to one we imagine beating.

i'm tired of dead people telling me i should learn to live right. i love him, and that is life.

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14 Years Ago

I'm tired of it too, my friend. If only people could see love as love. Does it matter really who we love? Black is black, gay is gay... Why try to change something that is part of a human being? Several years ago, in australia there were people who tried to breed the black out of aboriginies. Doesn't it just sicken the very essence of a sane person to hear about this happening? I find it quite simular to the christian Bible camps that brainwash children into thinking being gay is evil.