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16 Years Ago

For those who have been faithfully hanging on with me as I slowly go through my fanstasy novel Realm of Shadow, I thank you.  Here, I just want to let you know what's going on with it.  Also, please fill free to add your thoughts, views, favorites, idears, and so forth.

Writing Realm (which now is it's fourth title) has been a life experience for me.  As my bio states, I've been working on it for a long time.  Damn near 20 years now.  But life has a way of throwing surprises at you, twist and turns, ups and downs.  Yet I struggled with it.

The plot has remained damn near the same since it's creation, a few more subplots may have been tossed in there, some thrown out, but it's somewhat the same story.  However, the characters have changed over the past 20 years.  They grew with me, they came more experienced, if that makes sense.  Their life challenges changed as mine.  In essence, they grew up.  They are some of my favorite characters to write, and I love each one ever so much.  So, basically, in taking my time, I feel that the quality of the novel has gotten only better, far more believeable.

Are they the same characters?  Yes, they are, just matured.  Most of their physical appearances stayed the same, well most.  Jayce somehow managed to have a beard over the last several re-writes.  Norrelle went from a blonde, to a brunette, now to black.  Ayrial's appearance went from younger to older.  Nothing much other than that.  But yet they are the same.  Their goals only slightly changed, but their outlooks, may have been drasticaly altered.

Anyway.  When I posted Realm here for the first time this year, I had only up to Chapter 19 completed.  And again, the earlier chapters had their chance at a re-write and editing.  Now, I've completed Chapter 22, which is posted, and currently I'm penning my way through 23. And yes, for those who have been keeping up, Jayce is back and he's pissed.

Currently I also have been going back through the earlier chapters and editing them yet again, but this time, taking reviews, comments and thoughts of you, the readers/editors in to mind.  I've read the reviews and taken the comments and now using those along with some new ideas of mine into consideration and altering the begining.

I write this not only for me, but for your enjoyment.  I hope you have fun and thrills on the roller coaster ride that is the "Realm of Shadow".


Let me know whacha think folks, your opinion does matter.



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16 Years Ago

Ah the joys of character changes, don't you love how they just end up becoming something tottally different than what you started from? It's like they wake up one day and say, "Hey I think I'm gonna f**k with my writer and go drag!" or something to that nature. :D