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Promote ye here!

16 Years Ago

I'm not one to pass up the oppertunity to promote myself on others sites, so I'm offering you all a chance here.  Each of you may not know the others, here is a chance to toss out your works, contests, groups, ideas, and introductions so we all may know what you are up too.

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16 Years Ago


Hey everyone!

I'm Pauline Ramsey, yes that's my real name and intended author's handle. Unless, of course, I can think of something better to catch a reader's eye if that doesn't work out for me. As the rest of us on this website, I'm a writer and published author. Most of my work is horror related but I do have some pieces that fit into other genres.

My work has often times been compared to H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King and Anne Rice. In my opinion, I think those are very nice comments. :) They make me proud. I've also been described on a few occasions as “The Queen of the Macabre.” Now that's something to put on my resume!

I have a three year old little boy named Jace, he's the love of my life but that's not including my soon to be newborn here due in March. So on top of being a full time mother, I try to work on my writing and appease my fans and readership.

I am currently working on six different novels, yes, you read right. SIX! They are all on various subjects and the like. Night Terrors is a psychological horror thriller piece about a man's struggle to find out why the woman of his dreams haunts him, even in the daylight hours. Through the Web of Life is about my own personal experiences with the supernatural and ghosts. Blood Lust is a vampire novel that I've been working on for several years, I started writing it based on a dream a friend of mine had. Descent to Earth is a fantasy piece about a war between Heaven and Hell. The Insane Asylum Inside My Head is a horror collection of my short stories and novellas. And last but not least, The Imp Chronicles: Vlad Tepes. This last one is going to be interesting, it features a demonic little imp named Glockin who stands on the shoulders of some of the world's most notorious serial killers. He could very well be a featured character in several novels.

Along with my current works in progress, I am also the founder and CEO of the small press firm called Jaded Silence Press. I started the press as a way of getting my own works out to the public as well as many many others. I have a wonderful staff that are dedicated members of the WC as well as from other online forums. You can find my JSP group here on the good ol' WC. Be sure to check us out and see if we're good for you!

I guess that's enough of me for now, if you want to know more – just send a message. I'm an open book!

Introduction: N.A. Pacione

16 Years Ago

Cool group you got going here -- as some don't know I have published Mike in Tabloid Purposes IV and I managed to get a copy of the book in the hands of Martin Aktins  ()  Those you who don't who Atkins is -- listen to Pigface.   I'm in the process of getting Tabloid Purposes IV in the hands of a horror actress named Michelle Shields.   I made some killer connections at Gothicfest 2007 and hopefully with some of those connections they will get to know the talents of Michael Robinson and Terry Vinson.

            I just joined but been on a touring calendar all of last month and now trying to reload everything so I can get another leg out there.  I got published in magazines Tales of the Talisman,  Darkened Horizons, and growing with some anthology credits too.   I appeared with Terry Vinson,  Paul Melniczek, and a few others.  Mike got to see some inpressive credits for his anthology debut, and one of the few authors he appeared with is Ken Goldman who appeared on Evermore.

             I run two small presses --  Lake Fossil Press for old school horror which I do Tabloid Purposes from and the other being Broken Mind Frame Books which I will be doing anthologies that I will give away at industrial events.  I am working on an anthology that will be donated to schools in the Chicago area.  The fact I am almost done with that one so to speak and working on issue six of the magazine which the stories will be by Chicago authors for that issue.   I featured a lot of local talent over the years,  the fact I bring in local writers for Gothicfest 2007 and in that,  introduced the world to Coach's Midnight Diner and Scot Savage.  

             Tabloid Purposes -- I worked with about 100 authors in the past three years, and the magazine if you add that -- that would be 200 authors.  It allowed me to start my network up and Tabloid Purposes as a whole is designed for one thing, networking.    The authors worked with I eventually became published with them on other anthologies too.  So don't be surprised if you see a Nickolaus A. Pacione story with a story by Ken Goldman or Kailleaugh  Andersson down the road.

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16 Years Ago

<a href="Through">">Through the Fabric Of Time</a>

My newest creation and baby.

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15 Years Ago

Thought I'd pop in and say "oink".  LOL