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What to expect from this group

13 Years Ago

I am just letting everyone know what to expect from this group as a whole. So please sit back and read this little list of mine. Okay, maybe it will be a long list... who knows.

I would love it everyone took the time to submit some work to this group. Either work you have here or on tumblr. If it is on tumblr please make a forum post and share some links! I am sure we would all love to read, comment, and review your work!

Please when you review other people's work you give them something more than "that is awesome" or "I love it!". It does not tell the author what he/she did right and/or what he/she did wrong. A good review lists all the things you love or find unique about the piece and maybe a few nice suggestions on how to better the areas that seemed off or weak to you. This allows us authors to grow and become better! Don't be afraid to review!

Helpful information for the writers out there! Got some great ideas to get past writer's block? Maybe a way to get in the mood to write? Or maybe you just want to share some of the things you gained from experience in the writing world! Please post here on the forums! I am sure many will gain insight and enjoy learning from what you can teach them!

Brainstorming and Mentoring! I am sure we could all use this from to time! I would like to encourage our group members to help those who may need this and help them develop areas of their stories that may need it. ONLY help when it is asked for. It may be conceived as rude if you randomly go up to a member and let them know what areas seem weak to you. We all want to get along here.

Proofreading and Editing! I am sure we all need this as well from time to time. So please do not be shy! Offer help where help is asked for! I am guilty of having some really nasty grammar and punctuation problems. So, if a member needs some help in that area and you have time to spare... offer up some help!

Character Development! Okay, I know not everyone is good with creating or making characters believable, but I figured if there is a few out there with savvy skills that want to share or help... please do! Make sure you let people know what are Mary Sues and how they are not a good thing! Also, give examples of good character development and maybe even a few pointers! We all love our characters, but sometimes we make them less than believable and that sometimes puts off readers. So, if help asked and you have the time... please offer your help!

I think that is it. I may add more to this later, but maybe this will give you a few ideas on what is expected of this group. I want people to have fun and enjoy this group, but I also want others to know there is help if there is a need for it. So, don't be shy! Post!