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I'm new

10 Years Ago

Hi, my name is Grace, I've been on WC for about 2 1/2 hours now :) I'm avidly looking for input and critiques on my writing.  When I get going on a story, I can usually get a pretty good amount done, but sometimes I forget to put in little details, or I mix them up and say two different things about the same plot.  I really want to try to get published in the next 5 years, so any help at all would be fantastic :)

Re: I'm new

9 Years Ago

I'm not sure about the type of help you're looking for, but I have an idea for plot.  Outlining is a pain in the butt, but a small outline is better than none. What I do for mine is take the main events in the story and write them out, put them in an order, and add other events in between: fight scenes, new characters, spots for character development, etc. Then when you have everything listed out, (or the main points of it) you can start writing.  I hope this helped and made sense. :) Good luck!