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Point Grabbers

7 Years Ago

    It seems to me of late that a lot of lazy reviewers who only give a word or two as a "review" are just looking to get points and attention. I know it may not true for all of them, but just saying "good job" or anything like that isn't constructive or helpful! In my opinion, it makes it seem as though the reviewer didn't read it but has been going from writing to writing to spread their own name and gain more views. Some writers may feel happy that the reviewer took the time to even say anything, but without putting any care or sincerity into their words, there's no way to prove they read or liked it. 
   Along those lines, those same reviewers don't care to give attention to grander pieces of writing, skipping them entirely in favor of short poems they don't have to read. Those poems are often much less deserving than in-depth stories with meaning behind them.
   I don't mean to insult anyone by saying this, it's just what I feel when I read an amazing story that's gotten 40-some views in the past 4 years and a depressing poem gets 500 views the day it's published - despite not being particularly meaningful or well written.