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Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

ok since ur all so board with this I'll start a group story. Here's the story line: 

The Dark and the Light, the very thing that keeps the universe in balance but have been at war for centuries to come! Chose your side and mission, we'll come up with parties later!! Here's all ya gotta know!! 



Side: (CAN NOT say both or none or I will SHANK you)

Species: (if on the dark, creature of the Dark like a vampire or something-if on Light something like a pixi or something)



Pet or guardian: Explaination on what it looks like and name or if from another anime/manga please post a SMALL picture (i'm looking at you Imaginator!!)  


Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

I'll go first!! 

Name: Sprx (that's what my Guild calls me for my speed, real name is Amy)
Age: 17
Side: Dark (Shadow Guild, actually really kind hearted but many fear us for our scary abilities and insanity)
Abilities: The ability of speed, running at the speed of light, fast enough to create a sonic boom, but I have a Were-form which only accures at night and causes me to go into insanity, when i break out and turn into a creature out for blood and power. Also can eat fire, metal and oracles (yeah, i'm that hard core)
Looks: Has long black unruly hair that is like dragon spikes but held back by a blue headband, having a single long gold earring that holds a powerful sealing on it. Wearing baggy yoga pants and wearing a deep blue tang top with the kanji for Love written on the side, wearing red and white sneakers and white gloves on her hands. 
Pet: Has small blue hedgehog named Sonic (wink wink)    
Species: Weremon (think were wolf almost but not)
(someone should totally have Shadow then we can be rivals!! FUN!!) 

Ok, everyone start ur descriptions!!

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

(Ha, ha! Almost forgot to put my character up!)

Name: Micaiah Moon

Age: 16

Side: Light

Species: Angel/Phoenix

Look: She has light brown hair with a white streak when an angel and dark brown hair with a red streak when activating her Phonix powers/abilities, pale skin and electric blue eyes. She wears a red dress, white backpack with wings (based off the ones from Full Moon O Sagashite), long white buckle boots and black leggings.

Abilities: Can fly, heal herself and others by changing into ash, controles fire and freezes/speeds up/goes back in time.

Pet: A baby phoenix with beautiful red, yellow and orange wings and sapphire and emerald eyes.
Personality: Nice and kind, clumsy, smart and romantic (might add more later if I think of anything else)
Color (If any): Red

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

Name: Aamir Black

Age: 18

Side: Dark

Species: Shadow mage

Look: He has jet black hair, dark purple eyes and peach skin. He wears a dark purple shirt, jet black jeans, cape [that's red inside] and bulky boots.

Abilities: Shadow magic + dark magic

Pet: Shadow the black and red hedgehog

Personality: Secritive, playing trix on those on the light side, hidding in the shadows and sensitive to bright lights. (might add more later if I think of anything else)

Color (If any): Purple

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

(ok peables I'm starting this thread, you can add along the way)

Rain beat down on a creature of the night who loomed over the figure she was to dispose of. An army had awaited her, ambushed her but failed oh so bitterly because of her brute strength and cunning knowladge. Her trusty side kick was there every step of the way, zooming from place to place and confusing the enemy to give this creature the time to meet the target. Which brought them back to where they were now, a claws extended and pointing at the neck of the enemy while her 'pet' remained where he was, lounging on the side.
"P-Please." the man said pitifully.
"To late for apologies old man." said a feminine voice despite her wolf like appearence. Her clover green eyes locked on him and long fangs showing from her mouth. She raised her hand and the man cringed, waiting for the worst but only saw that she snatched the necklace around his neck. The girl transformed, her hair long and unruly and kept together by a large orb wearing a tang top and baggy yoga pants, her partner and her shoes matching.
"Got it." she said simply.
"Nice work." her 'pet' replied, giving her a thumbs up. "Now lets head back to the guild to collect the reward."
"Right, oh and Sonic shackle this guy up for m will ya?" the girl asked, looking at the gorgeous pendent. Sonic nodded, zooming over and tying the man up in a matter of .5 seconds. Once done, he clapped his hands in a finish and walked beside the changing werewolf and said "So Sprx, home we go?"
"Race ya home." the girl, Sprx replied with a grin and the two bolted home at the speed of light.
~ * ~
"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!" said an enraged guild master who was almost the size of a child. He was fuming and though he was the strongest and wisest of the guild, his size really killed the reputation of King of Shadows. Sprx cleaned out her dog like ear which was perched on her head and flicked off the earwax that was collected on her pinky. Sonic was running a few laps on the roof, the soldiers trying to catch him but failing.
"I thought you guys were taking too long, Sonic and I handled it just fine and got the necklace back to the princess just as the mission ordered." Sprx said with a shrug.
"No, you were supposed to go with your team!!" The guild master bellowed. Sprx glared and replied "I don't need a team, Sonic and I can handle things easily."
She was met with a large fist at the crown of her head, making Sprx see stars.
"THE CORNER NOW!!" the guild master bellowed like she was five and Sprx complied, knowing angering him further would result in her being flattened. Sonic was soon captured with large weights on his ankles to prevent him from running away and the two sat in the corner of shame...   

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

An eighteen year old boy with jet black hair, purple eyes that glowed and peach skin saw Sprx walk over to the corner of shame and just smirked and snikered. He wore a dark purple shirt, jet black jeans, cape -with red on the inside- and bulky boots. His partner, Shadow stood next to the boy with a large smirk as well.
     "Come on Shadow, lets go get our misson." The boy said walking to the angered guild master. "Yo! Guild master, I just finnished that mission Shadow and I were assigned to. Do you have anymore for me to do? I'm sorta getting board."
     "Hm? Oh, you sure did finish quickly." The guild master said. "No, I do not have anymore missions right now."
     "Aww...Okay. Come on Shadow, let's blow this popsicle stand." Aamir said.
     "Right." Shadow said. The two left and walked out side to find something to do in their spare time, soon spotting a girl with long light brunette hair with a white streak, electric blue eyes and pale skin.
     "My, my. What is this?" Aamir said inspecting the girl from affar. She wore a red dress, a white backpack on her back with snow white wings, long white buckle up boots with black leggings. The girl looked around franticly as though she was lost, tripping over a stump that appeared out of no where. "An angel -you don't see very much of them any more. It'd be fun to play a trick on her, right Shadow?"
     "Lets do it." Shadow said.

      "Ow...that hurt..." The girl said standing back up. "I need to get to the Light guild before a Shadow member comes and does who-knows-what to me?"   The girl took a step forward, but suddenly was trapped in a net tied into the tree, her world spinning for ten seconds.
     "Ha! Got you angel!" Aamir said appearing out of the shadows.
     "She was so easy to catch." Shadow said. The two snikered and then Aamir desided to let her down after a good five minutes.
     "Who do you think you are doining that to me?!" The girl asked.
     "I'm Aamir Black and this is my partner, Shadow the hedgehog." Aamir said. "What about you?"
     "...Micaiah Moon..." Said girl Micaiah said.
     "Well angel, I'll have to take you back with me as a prisoner since you are on the shadow guild's land." Aamir said taking Micaiah's arm.
     "No, I can't, I have to get to the light guild!" Micaiah said slipping her arm out of Aamir's grip and making a run for it.
     "Huh? Hey!" Aamir said turning around. He was fuming mad but then exhaled. "Fine...let's go have fun with Sprx." Aamair said to Shadow, the two heading back to the guild.
~ * ~
Micaiah had made it out of the shadow land and came into the light land.
     "Ha....thank goodness I made it out of there." Micaiah said panting. Her backback began to rustle and a small baby Phoenix came out, its large emerald eyes taking in the light.
     "Gra?" The little Phoenix said.
     "Were almost there sweetie." Micaiah said.
     "Gra!" The Phoenix cheered looking happy.
   Micaiah continued her way to the light guild, finally coming to the large building.
     "Whoa! It's bigger than what I imagined it'd be." Micaiah said looking at it in awe. Once done taking it all in, she walked in and was welcomed to see the Queen of Light.

(What type of mission's do the shadow members and the light members do?)

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

(it doesn't really matter what mission, its more of ur choice. From retrieving or just battle) 

Once Sprx was released from the corner along with Sonic, she went up the steps leading to the roof where she normally felt at peace. Once there, she let her legs dangling from the roof and sighed, as if blowing all her troubles away. 
"That old mans always on our case about missions." Sonic said. "Let's bail." 
"Naw we can't do that." Sprx replied, letting her fingers run through her unruly hair. "He did take us in." 
Sonic gave a 'hmph' soon seating himself beside Sprx and gazing at the horizon before them. 
"We're gonna need another team if the masters gonna let us go on missions again." Sonic said. 
"Yeah, who'd take us in though?" Sprx asked. 
"Hmm...." Sonic said and thinking up a good enough person to atually bother talking too. It was when he spotted Amir and Shadow making their way back to the Guild that a smirk appeared on his face. He shot up, on his feet as he said "Follow me!" and dashed back down.   

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

Name: Almay  

Age: 15

Side: dark

Species: gryphon/griffin (however you spell it) and chimera 

Look: caramel colored skin, black hair and stormy gray eyes. She wears aladin pants that are sky blue with a golden shimmer and a black shirt that stops right after her rib cage ends so it shows off her stomach. She wears a sleeveless sky blue over coat (like aladin's) with golden embroidery on it. Her hair is usually up in a loose bun.
 When her abilities are activated giant black wings come out of her back, her canine teeth grow long, nails grow sharper, one snake grows from were her tail bone ends and her feet turn into goat's legs (meaning she gets hooves).   

Abilities: Her snakes are poisonous and her wings cause her to fly. The hooves help her jump from place to place and also to find stable ground on mountains and such. Her canine teeth and claws help her to main or kill her prey. when she doesn't use her other form, her abilities are fire. She can use white, blue, black, red and green fire.  

Pet or guardian: a squirrel fox (from nassuica) to help her break into places too small for her to fit. 
P.S. she is VERY greedy (like how I am in the Neopets game Imagination-mage)
(Finally found this! I thought it was in the group stories thingy)

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

Aamir and Shadow were met by a gust of wind and right there, was Sonic, Sprx there a few seconds later.
     "Hey Aamir." Sprx said.
     "Huh? What do you want?" Aamir asked. "Your not gonna trick me into anything, are you?"
     "Nope. I just wanna welcome you into my team!" Sprx said taking Aamir's hand.     "Your WHAT?!"
     "My team silly. Sonic and I can't go on any mission's until we find a team member and you and Shadow are perfect." Sprx said.
     "No way. Find someone else to join you. We're rivals." Aamir said ripping his hand from Sprx and stuffing them into his jean pocket.
     "But I need to go on a mission! I'll get you to join no matter what it takes! Even if we are rivals!" Sprx said.
     "Whatever. I'll never fall for your tricks."
     "Damn....I don't know how I could have fallen for that...." Aamir muttered under his breath for the stipid trick Sprx used to get him to join her and Sonic.
     "You know I told you not to go, and what do you do? You go!" Shadow said.
     "Well then. Let's go get my god damn mission." Sprx said.
     "I thought you only used that on ice cream." Aamir said.
     "It can be used for many things. now lets go!" Sprx declared and the four were off to see the guild master.

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

Almay was sitting in a corner of the Guild counting her coins. 
"One thousand three hundred and thirty four, One thousand three hundred and thirty five," Almay said, taking a coin from one pile and putting it in another large pile of gold coins.
She was happily counting until another fight started in the guild and made her loose count. 
"I-I lost count... I lost count!" Almay screeched the turned on the people fighting, "Who dare made me lose count!"   
The people fighting ignored her of course.
"I'm going to kill you all," Almay said evilly as she joined in the battle, beating the crap out of anyone in her way. 

Re: Guilds of Light and Guilds of Shadow

7 Years Ago

Sprx, proud that she found someone easy to fool, ripped a wanted ad off the board and looked at the money and price of it. It was a high bounty, something that would really get her a new pair of running shoes and fingerless gloves, also a few pranks to pull for the Guilds of Light. It was a mission to abduct a single phoenix feather and bathe it in the waters of Dragon tears, guarded by Dragons some say. 
"Another Dragon based mission?" Sonic asked, cleaning out his ear. 
"Yeah, but we need a third member." Sprx said. 
"Well what a loss, I'm leaving." Amir said but was grabbed by the scruff and yanked back, falling hard on his behind and growling under his breath. 
"Don;t worry, finding someone for our team will be easy as cake." Sprx said looking around. 
"I'LL KILL KILL KILL YOU!!"  a shrill, almost banshee voice screeched. Sprx and Amir turned only to see a girl single handedly grab two buff guild members, lift them off their feet throwing them to the wall like they weighed nothing. Sprx smiled and said "Perfect." 
"You're not talking about Almay right?" Amir asked.
"Hmm?" Sprx asked, Sonic mimicking her expression. 
"The camera of the Guild." Amir said. "Good luck." 
Sprx smiled and walked over to the fuming girl and tapped her shoulder. Almay glared and said through gritted lion teeth "What?" 
"Wanna join my team, we'll pay ya." Sprx said. 
Hearing the word 'pay' seemed to brighten the girls mood and money signs appeared in her eyes excitedly. She slung an arm over Sprx's shoulder and said "You speak my language girl, lets go!"