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It Started in Germany

9 Years Ago

Writers Group began...well, truth be told I don't know when Writers Group began, but I became a part of it in my sophomore year of high school in 2007. I was a member until June 2009 when I graduated. I loved coming to the meetings, reading, and giving my own feedback on other people's writing. Of course, I always gave positive and constructive criticism to help build my fellow writers work.
I mostly stopped writing after the summer of 2009, with the exception of a few poems. Honestly, I felt something missing in my life, but when I started getting in touch with my fellow writers from Writers Group, I realized how much I missed it. No writer should ever stop writing.
I want to keep Writers Group as it was, but at the same time it won't be the same as sitting around a table discussing our writings. I've realized this Writers Group won't be the same as the original so therefore I shall call this group, Writers Group Recro. We will recreate, restore, and revive Writers Group. It's a whole new world and whole new generation of writers.
It started in Germany, now it continues here on the world wide web!!!
Tomas E. Moralez