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Story Start

1 Year Ago

Rochelle Laker did not want to shave. Not her underarms, not her legs and not on top of her vagina. She stood in the shower looking at her razor. She had thought about it for some time now and decided she would under no circumstances pick up that razor. She ran her hands over the pricklings of her hair growing back from her last attempt to not shave.  She placed the razor next to the bathroom sink. Threw her shoulders back, chin up and looked at herself in the steamed over bathroom mirror.  “I do not need to be hairless to be beautiful.”  She exited from the bathroom, throwing her towel over her shoulder. The door slammed on the wall. Smoke billowed out behind her naked body. 

Re: Story Start

1 Year Ago

I love this Sarah. What a great start to a story and potential character. Love the detail in this decisive moment (I think it is something all women can relate to as well) and wondering where it will lead.
Keep writing!