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Let's help introduce ourselves

8 Years Ago

Hello, you may call me Xerclipse. I have been writing books since last summer of 2012. This is my first website of submitting in my work. I also draw and illustrate my characters through sketches and post them on some books I have made. I am going into art school to learn either Animation or game design. 

My current book I am writing is called Ghost Runner. I would be grateful if I received some reviews on that book. If you have any poems, books, or stories you want me to read, then let me know.

Re: Let's help introduce ourselves

8 Years Ago

Been wanting to begin my Bio and am thrilled that authors are doing books here....I like this site very much and its a possibility I will be moving all my work here, not sure yet....I am a writer of poetry and prose, subjects, music, psychology and various others. Thank you for making friends and I am always here...