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what is love???

9 Years Ago

The mening of lv can nvr b xplained thoroughly since its depth and ht is beynd our imagination. Every1 has gt their own views on it.4 me lv is jst nt a word but a world 4 lovers. Smtimes attraction for sme1 is thought 2 b love bt thre is a vast diffrnce btwn d 2. Attraction 4 sme1 can b 4 a fw days but lv is immortal. Pple say tht if we spend a fw yrs with d prsn we hate, we strt dvloping a kind of rltnship with dem & start liking them. Yes ofcorse these can be true and a form of love. No one can really understand love. It can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone unexpectedly. Liking sm1 byond xtreme can be love, it can be longing for someone we r away. But a question arises here in our mind,'We like many people in our life, then does it mean that we love each and everyone of them?'. The answer according to me is "NO" since we can like many upto an xtreme bt beyond xtreme only a single person. Love doesn't need a reason and word to be xplained it may be seeing an imperfect person perfectly, it may be loving someone without the xpectation to be loved back in return, it may be making someone happy without caring of one's own happiness, it may be turning impossibilities into possibilities, it may be a poetry of senses, it may be understanding someone's silence, it may be caring someone without showing, it may be believing someone when you cease believing yourself. Bt these all can only be true if you find true love otherwise its nthing more than a bullshit. Love is understanding the emotion in someone's heart rather than xpressn on sme1's face. Nvr ques a prsn why he's in love. Its the toughest ques evr asked. He might nt ans u bt that dsn't mean he don't hve d ans its jst bcoz he wnts sme1 to undrstand the answer behind his silence. Two pple cn nvr be same & that dsn't mean that they can't be togther. 4 me they form the bst couple since true love can make their thinking similar to 1 nther. Lv nvr ask u to sacrifice anything since no 1 dsrvs it bt when u love sm1 truely u make him dsrving 4 ur sacrifice.