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Harvest Song (A Preview)

16 Years Ago


For the "Project Fantasy" Group competition i am writing a new fantasy short story. This one is set in the most southernly region inhabited by mankind and it's known as Peitauta (means south-land). Here is a poem written in my first true fantasy language (peitabila) and its inelegant English translation.




Mes veljaren en dumma,

Kuen maess laeren ba felaren.

Mes hitemio beg ogaen,

Riisen ba vara dainn vaerien.

Mishmari-drut vaidaren mans sta-saidana,

Ba mes viistaren diirolur himinga,

Stadan kintamio pentam,

Mishmari-drut alvamio sta-stabmaldess peitai,

Kuen maeriik maakintaren aukinar-aed.




We dwelt in darkness,

Where men crept and hid,

We scavenged for berries,

Nuts and long dead animals.

Mishmari showed us the light,

And we saw glorious skies,

Then began to travel,

Mishmari led the chosen south

Where man learnt to grow crops.


This language is based on a Baltic language known as Sudovian but there are many gaps in my Sudovian dictionary (as well as the fact i am making changes to it) so some gaps have been filled with Thracian and Illyrian but mostly i've used a warped version of Icelandic and a lot of imagination to fill in the gaps. The language is still a work in progress and i am sure there will be drastic changes in future as i work on the grammer, syntax and the mindset behind the vocabulary.