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Haiku Chain Game

16 Years Ago



I am sure many of you know the haiku-chaing game. Take the last line of the haiku or senryu and use it as the first line of your new haiku. I'll give some examples and please use the last example as your first haiku. (btw Asuka is pronounced As-ka).


Just Not Right

Raining and pouring

Boiled milk tea like custard

Tea time in Asuka.


Tea time in Asuka,

A scorching day with my bro,

Turns him lobster pink.


Turns him lobster pink?

Our best export to south spain;

Another pissed brit.

[no subject]

16 Years Ago

Another drunken brit. < mate, that's 6 syllables


I'll change to Another pissed brit...that hokay?




Another pissed brit

Spends his night on park benches;

Wakes covered in spit.

[no subject]

16 Years Ago

Wakes covered in spit,

Shakes and remembers the wenches,

Rolls arse over tit.