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The Portable MFA in Creative Writing - Topic of Discussion for Feb/Mar/Apr/etc. WW Meetings

15 Years Ago

Wyoming Writes writers' group will be meeting Sat's (last one of every month) for the months of Mar and Apr 2008 in Perry, NY. Future meeting days to be announced; we are discussing currently the best day of the month for meetings.

We will be discussing THE PORTABLE MFA and working on writing assignments from the book at these writers' group meeting dates. You are welcome to purchase the book for your own reading pleasure, but it is not required. The book offers much information of use to us as writers, to improve our craft, in everything from fiction to poetry, even to understand better the difference between poetry and prose...

Hope to see you all there, and please do make use of this web site "Writerscafe.org" to communciate between meetings, as well as share your writing with "the world"!

T. F. Rice  (Moderator)