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What You Missed!

14 Years Ago

If you happened to miss the meeting we held on October 11th,
this was our agenda: (
It's long, but bear with me here. You need your info!)

Meeting called to order at 3:30

We talked about the whole purpose of writing club. Which is basically to take over the world. However, we have to advertise it as such: to allow writers and other artists to share their work in a relaxed and nonjudgemental atmosphere.

We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves and told a little about ourselves. 

We talked about putting an anthology together. By the way, if you didn't catch what that is at all, it's basically a collection of all our work. It's like a literary magazine, but much cooler with illustrations. We'd have to work hard to acheive it, but it will definitely be worth it! :D

We talked about activities we were hoping to do, such as meeting at cafes or other places to read our work out loud and share our opinions. Suggestions?

We talked about getting online, which of course you realize since you are reading this now. By the way, if you didn't know exactly everything, you can have any display name you want! Just make sure you put who you really are in your signature, that way we can match a name with a face, so to speak.

We briefly mentioned coming up with a spiffier name for our little gathering than plain old "Writing Club" - so reply with your Suggestions here, too!


And that was pretty much it!! Make sure you get to adding things on here, and don't be shy! Tell your friends about Writing Club, and try to drag some guys in! I'm sure our THREE guys will get lonely. :)

teh uber Geek ♥

P.S. Make sure to respond! We need input on certain things!

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14 Years Ago

We talked about activities we were hoping to do, such as meeting at cafes or other places to read our work out loud and share our opinions. Suggestions?

The two main activities I came up with are both open mic poetry readings:

  • Galileo's Bar and Grill
    3009 Paseo
    Oklahoma City
    - every Wednesday night, beginning ~8:00 PM
    - occasionally this place incorporates a slam which is a contest that incorporates audience reaction into the score.
  • Final Sunday Poetry Reading
    Full Circle Books in 50 Penn Place (across from Penn Square Mall)
    1900 NW Expressway
    Oklahoma City
    - you guessed it! The last Sunday of every month (this month the 28th), beginning at 2 PM.
    - Starts off with a featured poet, then open mic

the Mabel C. Frye library also hosts a poetry café in spring, and we could host our own maybe in the Black Box Theatre or summat.

Mrs. Bowles touched on this a bit, but it would be cool to include people who do student films/plays, or do original music and lyrics. This could end up as like a mini-Arts Fest for Yukon schools - we could have booths for the artists who want to sell their paintings, and a place for bands to play and people to tell stories or monologues or whateva. I LOVE THIS IDEA, BTW!

[no subject]

14 Years Ago

oooooooh, i love that idea too.  i love any idea that gives me a chance to sell my art.  and writing stuff.  yeah.

Anyways.  I think being sick is getting to my brain...

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