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16 Years Ago

Hey everyone,

Monday after 7th hour in Mrs. Ashford's room we will be having our first anthology meeting. Karly A.'s in charge of this, really, but I assume we'll be brainstorming ideas, working out logistics, and picking up submissions.

Wondering what we want so far as submissions go? Anything! Bring your poems, photos, short stories, essays, artwork, collages, the sky is so not the limit. Non-writing club members are welcome to submit to the anthology, so tell your friends! If you/they don't want to/can't come to the meeting, please e-mail Karly your submissions and ideas for the anthology project: [email protected]

Tentatively, we will alternate Writing Club and Anthology meetings, so like

Jan 28th = First Anthology Meeting
Feb 4 = Writing Club
Feb 11 = Anthology Meeting
Feb 18 = no school, but we can always choose a different day to meet!
Feb 25 = Anthology meeting

Keep in mind that anthology work might happen at any time the Editoress decides, and this is not set in stone at all. Remember, its your club, so don't be afraid to e-mail/verbally communicate/leave threatening note in the lockers of your officers or sponsors (though the latter might not appreciate the threatening notes).

(to e-mail us: me= [email protected]
Lacy= [email protected]
Veronica= [email protected]
Karly= [email protected])