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A night on the Beach

8 Years Ago

The moon was leveled with the ocean as it cast a glow over shadow. Jon and lean who so much loves one another was buried in there passion underneath the Emerald sheets. Jon traced his touch along the shape of her thy as he locked himself with the beauty of her lips. Lean was lost in Jon's Grasp. Her eyes was as blue as the ocean in the day. Her hair was wavy as it brushed over Jon flesh. "Wow Jon that was even better than before. You did something different there." I have been studding a book called sexual desires. I admit I picked up a few pointers. Jon smiled lustfully revealing the dimples God Blessed him with. "Don't smile like that You will have me in your arms for a second go around." "Is that bad thing?" Jon’s smiled again." "Come hear lover boy" As Jon forced himself to reach the point of his seed his eyes widen and stopped. "Jon what is wrong?" Lean replied. I thought I herd... HUH! "Jon!" Lean screamed As Jon's torso open up impelled in the back was a knife that exit between his chest. Blood splattered over leans open flesh covering her and the sheets. "Jon!" Lean screamed with fear. Jon was shocked. "R-u-n L-ean!" Jon tried to shout but was drowning in his on fluid. His dead body went limp as he was lifted in the sky still on the knife. Lean did not hesitate She grabbed the keys to her left and ran. "Jon No!" She screamed running toward the old pick-up truck on the banks of the beach that was parked under a palm tree. She fumbled through the keys trying to unlock it after three tries she entered the truck and locked the truck for safety. She put her foot on the clutch and turn the ignition but the truck would not start. "Oh Jon!" She cried. She tried the ignition again but no luck. "Jon you sun of a ***** You were supposed to fix this D*** truck." She yelp angrily. After a couple hour during the night she notice she was alone. She closed her eyes for a second and waited for day. She fell a sleep. Boom! Lean woke with a jerk. It was still quiet until she discovered a scratching noise on the top of the roof She notice the dawn was approaching and was relieve but the scratching noise was still there. She decided to exit the truck and try to find some help. An old couple was walking toward the truck with a scared look on there faces. Lean screamed "You have to help me it killed my boyfriend." "Is that him?" The male replied. Lean turned toward the truck, and screamed. Jon was hanging by his feet from the tree with open flesh were his heart should of been blood trailing down the pit of his arms to the tip of his finger nails as they were scraping the roof top of the pick-up. Lean relies that she was holding the knife that killed her boyfriend Jon. "Could have not been that bad in bed." The female added. "I did not do it!" Lean defended herself. "Stop! Drop the knife." a police officer approached the scene demanding her to unarm herself. She moved closer still holding the knife.
"I said stop!" Boom! The police officer shot Lean between the eyes. The couple looked at each other. That was one naked craze B****. The female replied "Can we do this again next week?" "Sure Honey anything for you my love." The male added. "I think this book would be a new start of our sexual desires." The woman replied holding the book that Jon studied