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After long consideration I feel there is nothing I can do to improve the Writer's Cafe. All attempts to persuade Charles to appoint administrators who will rid the site of the cyber bullies and end the drama once and for all have fallen on deaf ears.

I feel it is time to move on. I am focusing my efforts on making the Black Seal a safe enviornment for our membership, something which sadly Charles has not done here. There have been rumors spread about the Black Seal. I am going to set the record straight:

The black Seal is a network of sites that offers our members a place to post their works, forums to discuss topics, give tough, thorough and constructive feedback on their works. There is no rating system, no points and cyberbullying is NOT tolerated. We back up our system on a regular basis to protect our member's works.

There was a rumor that who ever logs on to the Black Seal network - a trojan horse virus would be released. That is totally untrue. The only trojan horse was the pack of lies released here - you (and I) know who you are.

This is another issue - personal attacks on the fourm, emails or chat rooms are not tolerated and the offender is immediately banned from the network.

We are also excited to announce the launch of the Black Seal Magazine, live podcasts featuring ALL members, not just the "popular" ones and a roundtable group where wirters can work with each other and hone their skills. We run a professional network - not a myspace type soicla site.

In closing I would like to make one last plea to Charles and Patrick to PLEASE put administrators in to set up and enforce a strict policy and clean out the cyberbullies and make this place a safe enviornemnt once again.
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