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About Me

Dear Reader

I am 'bipolar' - what they used to call 'manic depressive'. It is simply a mood disorder where moods high or low are extreme versus the rest of the populace.

They can incapacitate or inspire. It is both a blessing and a curse.

But then so are / were reputedly: Stephen Fry (the English comic), Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Kurt Vonnegut, Mark Twain, Vincent Van Gogh, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jim Carey, Robin Williams, Adam Ant, Russell Brand, Kurt Cobain, Patricia Conwell, Richard Dreyfuss, Edward Elgar (the composer), Paul Gascoigne (the footballer), Mel Gibson, Graham Greene, Adolph Hitler (I know sorry), Spike Milligan (the comic), Marilyn Monroe, Edgar Allen Poe, Axl Rose, Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Need I go on?

Under my name you will find a video with many identified as bipolar. Some you may never have heard of. Others you would be surprised to find on the list.

I am just one of the many nameless. Yet we all share a common trait.

To critique the video, it dwells much on the positive but shortcuts the negative attributes, some of which I have been experiencing in recent times, in my case severe depression.

Sadly some of the above committed or attempted suicide because they could not cope with a disorder granted at birth.

You should note that the novel 'Split' an early draft I have on here addresses in a novelistic fashion mental health disorders and seeks to destigmatise them. I have a chance of getting it published. Fingers crossed.

I have decided to come back to this site now though at times I still struggle.

But then, and it applies to many of us, if we carry mental health difficulties or other burdens of mood or circumstances, whatever they may be, perhaps at times the only way for us to best express ourselves is in writing.

The same may apply to happiness and ecstasy too.

Bipolar affective disorder above all but the human condition is just a mix of extreme conflicting moods.

This site I have always regarded as my writing home. Of the many writing sites available on the internet and I joined many, this I consider the best.

I have found this site to be the most mutually supportive of all I have encountered.

In 2013, when I was heavily engaged on this site, I believe I hit a record. There were three categories then. On one day I ended up being all at the same time 'Top Writer', 'Top Writer to Watch' and 'Top Reviewer'.

Those days are gone. But I wish to get involved again on this site as best I am able where the motto is 'mutual support and critique' so we may all write better and 'review to be reviewed'.

I write poetry and prose; happy and sad; meaningful and meaningless; humour and humourless; sane and absurd; clean and filthy; long and short. You name it I do it. I don't like definitions or boundaries. Do you?

Take this as it comes. I am no better or worse than you. We are all just part of the jumble we call humanity.

It surprises me and it might surprise you I actually have been published and paid for some of my writing. But then that only goes to show I am not the only fool on the planet!

Otherwise I think I am:

Affable, avid, analytical, aspiring...British, Belfast, Bipolar, bilingual...Cambridge, candid, constructive, courteous...discerning, daring, diplomatic, diffident...effusive, eager, earnest, enquiring...Francophile, friendly, fifty something, fevered...gracious, grateful, generous, glad...honourable, hectic, hopeful, honest...insightful, interested, insecure, Irish...jovial, jocular, jejune, joyful...kind, keen, knowing, kicking...listless, learning, loving, long-haul...male, measured, masking, mature...nurturing, natural, naive, neurotic...open, opaque, ordinary, optimistic...persevering, paralysed, parched, passing...questioning, quick, quiescent, quiet...ruminative, righteous, restive, reserved...sober, sane, sage, sincere...temperate, tortuous, teeming, torpid...uncommon, unbroken, untamed, uncertain...vacillating, vehement, versatile, virtuous...wag, wallowing, warm, welcoming...xenophile, xenophobiaphobic, xenotrusting, xeno myself...yearning, youthful, yellow, yes (to no) man...zealous, zany, zestful, zero.

They do say of course:

'There is the person you think you are; the person others think you are; and the person you really are'.

As philosophically little to nothing resides outside perception, that might imply there is a God who made us (a creator) as only he / she could possibly know who we really are.

Failing that, no-one ever can or will.


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Posted 4 Years Ago

Hello Holly

The film Split just by chance uses the draft title of my book. I have not yet been published.

No worries. Should I progress to publication, I shall simply need to use another.

Any new imaginative titles to Split would be gratefully received from all.

I am still going down the straight agent / publisher route, but have been advised of a self-publication source, by a major agent in the City of London who likes my book, respects the source but does not have the time to take it on, which I may consider.

To make it so I will need the voice of everyone on this site who knows me, should I go there.

Let's see how it goes. For now focussing on other things.

Happy New Year to you and to all


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Posted 4 Years Ago

YOU DID IT!!! Just saw the commercial for the movie SPLIT...I am living in Florida now...so many many congrats!!!!

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Hello my friend Holly. How lovely to see you again on here! I likewise often wonder how you are and always wish you too the best of health, when that has not always been clear. I am only on here from time to time at the moment as I have other things to do including my last edit of Split before sending it back to my friendly agent to see where I get. I am under no illusion that the risk of failure is high. But if resolve, never taking no for an answer and determination count on my part, then there is every possibility of publication. You take care my friend and do stay in touch. James

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Hello fine sir...
Think of you often ,May your health be with you!

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Dear Tate, what a lovely photo and happy personal event!Thank you for your best wishes. It is for good reason I regard you as (one of) the best poet(s) on this site and a true friend, James

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Posted 5 Years Ago

The greatest honor ever bestowed on
me walking my little girl down the aisle
I hope you are well james

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Mr. James,

You're welcome.

To be honest, I was saddened because of the restrictions, and cursed myself to be underage(Literally!)

I wait for that, Sir.

See you soon.


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Dear Devanshu

You are so kind.

Sorry parts of the book are restricted for you, but I had to make a call about the extent to which certain chapters were 'harsher' than others.

Thank you for your encouragement.

I hope to be back on here as normal soon once I have this book out of my hair and 'Magill' writers and their writing in review as apparently they say on WC lol!

I shall drop you a little private message soon to say hello.

Your friend


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Already have read your book, I think it's worth publishing. I am not reading and reviewing further because half of your book is restricted for me. I am underage, that' why.

But, as far as I have read it, it really is a brilliant work.

You take your time, and complete the book and get it published.

We all here on WC, are eagerly waiting for you(and of course your long reviews, lol).

You too, take care.


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Hi Devanshu. At the moment I am editing Split for the umpteenth time. I am only coming on here at times, to reply to reviews and private messages. It is going to take me a little longer to get to the end of this set of edits and then I will be back to reviewing and getting more involved here again. You take care and thank you for the message. Best wishes, James