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Everyone here only cares about their own stuff and getting reviews from people who actually fall for their shit and review their crap, thinking that they're gonna get some reviews. Well whoever reviews people I suggest you stop reviewing and quit writers cafe before it gets you really pissed off. All the people I have reviewed and they never returned the favor I have one thing to say to you "What the fuck. Can't you people see how curtious people are being, going out of their way and review your fuckin' work?" All of those people, should be ashamed. I'm backlashing and making a stand for myself and all those poor people actually reviewing work and never getting the favor returned. So here I am saying "FUCK YOU GUYS!!!" to all of those people that can't get it through their fuckin' think skulls that people are actually going out of their way and giving reviews. So then again I say "FUCK YOU GUYS!!!" But not to those who actually reviewed my work, for that I thank you guys who actually review people.
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