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The Death of a Hard-Striped Wolf

Once upon a time, a tigerlobo sauntered out of the wild and into the literary world of good writing. He wrote satires and articles of some worth but wouldn't stop prowling around. So nice were his prey that he actually thought his advances were welcomed. Rather a fool the tigerlobo was for he had a license to prey upon a willing woman in his own den. Still he prowled the world without his home. A foolish male, his prowling was easily discovered by his mate. In a panic to cover his tracks, he deleted all that he had: his writings and his friends. Only to find he had deleted only one thing: his good name.

Tigerlobo was a victim of his own doing. He was too honest as a writer, leaving himself open to criticism. Further, he ostracized himself by turning away from all his friends. Friends who had never asked to be deleted, he deleted to protect himself from his den-mate. All he accomplished was a bad reputation. When he tried to return, he met condemnation. And he deserved it.

All is lost now. The beloved drunken Stewey pic drowned, and the once-popular Tigerlobo committed cyber-suicide. Deleted. Dead. Never to prowl the cafe again.

His own damn fault.

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