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I am not the same person as I was in this account. I have moved on and moved up. I am happy in life. I am free. A new piece to share my feelings with those who knew me from my poetry on here: These worldly distractions are getting to me They're stealing my time, it just isn't for free Though it doesn't cost money, I still pay the fee They are taking the part of me..... That once made me, most- happy So like the Phoenix reborn I'll come out of the dust Unburdened this time by the world and its lust Money and fame and power and glory Its about time I wrote my own kind of story I'm sick of depression and its voice in my head Saying I'm sick so just stay in bed When in reality, I was just lovesick instead And I no longer care what it said. Cause now I'm well fed. Fed by the love in my heart for this world Fed up with the story I've always been sold Fed the beast that screams to give up Fed to the brim so I've had enough I don't write about dragons as I know they're not real I write about life and the way that I feel For awhile I wrote only... of a unicorn She was just a mirage, though I could have sworn She was real in my dreams!! but when I awoke I found that whilst I was sleeping... my pillow would soak Because while she really was all I said I believed My emotions already had me deceived They told me she was the only one Who could make me happy Now like the Phoenix reborn I've come out of the dust Unburdened this time by a broken heart's trust Said there is only one way to bask in life's glory Well now I am writing my own kind of story I don't follow the rules I think that life sets for me I tried that once and it doesn't make sense to me I'm unshackled, unbound and free to roam I will do what I want with MY life's poem Happiness is a choice so make it now (It took me 19 years to learn that lesson) Its more about what, and the why. Not the how (humans always find a way don't we?) Well here I am and here I stand. I'm free to roam a new reality I don't need approval for the thoughts of my heart I don't want a new hole to replace the one I repaired. It was never her fault, don't go and blame her. She was a bandaid for a longer standing problem I said I would not write about myth and that's truth For those who say that's love are just merely past youth But love is not discovered when a spark connects Love is created when a soul reflects On the good and the bad... Of a memory... And they hold the good closer. Its designed in the laboratory of experience, when we combine elements that create our passions So out of the flames a new Phoenix arises The same on the outside but controlling my vices Its easier to be burdened than to fight through the heartache But we find that colors turn gray and our emotions are fake Now with outspread wings, my Phoenix heart laughs With big sweeping motions... My ashes have finally been thrown My heart song is one with no set rhyme scheme, (I do as I please) Not thought out, nor sporadic but it lacks common theme (they are after all, only memories) Not rigid, not smooth, it scrapes the ears of those who never played the part. (One way or the other, I feel inner peace) But to the Phoenix arisen, it's melodic message sores to the heart.
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