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I was on here last year, on a different profile which is closed since then. Back then the people I reviewed were over a hundred reviews short, and now they`re 73 reviews short... Plus after counting off 7 reviews given by a troll trying to mess up my ratings, and such the number`s 80... Now, count off that occasional two liner comments consisting of "wow this is great" (those who don`t even read anyone just copy paste this text) so you get the idea... It`s disappointing. After all that effort I get next to nothing in return. So, after this christmas bullshit is over, I`m moving my stuff and take a little break from giving reviews, and posting my work(since it wont get read anyway.) First, I thought it`s probably because I`m terrible at writing... (No I`m not one of the best, or "better" writers) But I`m not hopeless... Maybe one day, I`ll continue sharing on here. As for those who have no other way to contact me, this profile will remain open for messages. There are a few whom I promised help with their writing, and I`ll keep that promise.
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