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This profile has been closed by the writer.

Sadly we have decided to remove the Write-off Profile and close all challenges. While our intentions for starting this profile and the poetic challenges were noble, in the end there was just too much drama involved to make it worthwhile. This was supposed to be the opposite of what drives this site today and that is ones ability to network and popularity among a very few of its Users. We thought we could offer inspiration and exposure to the lesser known poets while getting the Cafe at large interested in reading these works and ultimately make it fun. We were looking forward to reading new challenge submissions along with the Cafe Users as well as the votes/reviews themselves. Interestingly enough we received quite a few messages from Users who didn't feel comfortable with voting in a "public" arena. To this we wonder how much credibility can really be given to the "review" function on this site which is "public" as well? We also received messages from Users telling us they didn't want to "sit in judgement" of other Users work. To this we answer, this indeed is part of the writing process. Every day readers, writers, publishers, reviewers, critics sit in judgement every time they read a new piece of writing. We, they decide if the write is meaningful and/or crafted well and if it speaks to us on any level. Finally, there was far too much drama concerning a certain challenge when one of the challengers neglected to meet the deadline for submitting their piece, claiming both that they were not aware of the exact deadline and/or they had no access to a computer in their home. To this we answer deadlines are a huge function of the writing world, take responsibility for knowing what and when they are yourself without whining or throwing blame where it is/was not deserved.

Regards to all~

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