My Heaven in Hell

My Heaven in Hell

A Poem by +MourningDove+

I wanted to kill myself, and someone I love very much told me this and i cried.. this is a convorsation between him and I. If ANYONE wants to kill themselves, I urge you to NOT do it, come talk to me.


Me: Such beauty belongs in heaven, and I, his oppisite shall look up at him from hell


Him: Do we ever truely die? Do those who lead a life of purity fly? Soar on angels wings high above? Do those of wicked deeds go to hell? Whos to say. We best not dwell on such things that will not be happening this day.


Who can stop me? You? I belong in hell, let it take me.


As do I. Il rot in hell with you for all eternity if it means being with you and loving you. Listen to me. You will not do it.

I really wish i was an angel, I want wings, to fly from this world and finally be free..


And I, your oppisite, will watch with envious eyes from hell.


Then I will abandon all hope, become forsaken, shed my wings of light and betray them for wings of dark to be with you in hell


You belong in heaven...


I dont want to go to heaven..

Promise me..


Promise you what? That I wont try again? That Il go on with life happily? It will make no difference if I go to hell because sitting here watching you with her as your "almost love" is already a person hell.


No.. I only ask for you to wait for me... And I shall come to you.. I love you my dear, and thats all that matters.


I cannot wait. I cannot live.


Il be with you.. Soon enough... please.. Youre beautiful.. sweet.. lovable.. You dont deserve to die..

Please.. Dont do it.. Dont do anything.. When Im with you, Im happy. When you smile I smile.. If you die, that will of hell will take two souls for its own that night..


"As the mentions of death are opon us, the helpless grow stronger and the powerful become desparate.."

© 2011 +MourningDove+

Author's Note

I promise you the suicide things over for me, the damage has been done. This is and actual convorsation I had with someone I love who loves someone else.. I just want to say, i there is anyone who thinks of hurting or killing themselves, please, talk to someone to talk you out of it. Everything will turn out okay in the end. I promise.

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Added on October 22, 2011
Last Updated on November 7, 2011
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