Democratic Loop Holes

Democratic Loop Holes

A Poem by sivan

Freedom �" a certain theoretical phenomenon it seems

Which is still in the early experimental phase

Because when I walk by

You still stare.

And your eyes like spy cameras

Zoom in on the suspect


Is it the way I comb my hair?

Does my presence offend you?

Sir I’m sorry if I looked at your girl

With my

Wandering eye

She’s beautiful

I’d sure be proud to have her as my date.

Oh wait,

I just remembered I can’t.

It’s not my eyes at all that stirs you,

It’s my sex.

Is it that it is wrong?

Or is it that I know her needs?

She left you because you listen,

She came to me because I hear:

I hear the variations in her speech,

I feel the longing in her hands,

I sense the trembling in her lips before she even realizes.

I guess it’s wrong to love her right when

It’s me that you beat on in the dark of the night.

There’s talk about equality-

Do I not qualify?

Paint me a picture of the world where

Our love is not a sin,

Where we are part of the generic equation.

In this apparent revolution

It doesn’t come as a surprise

That your girl still gets butterflies

When I look into her eyes!

© 2011 sivan

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Excellent. You have portrayed the inequality that so many of us face every day, in everything we do. I like the cynical tone of the poem, it is very effective.

The last two lines sum up the truth of the situation! Nice work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 5, 2011
Last Updated on October 5, 2011



Durban, South Africa

I am a student of computer engineering... very technical yes but i like to get lost in the creativity of poetry and writing. Im an out and proud lesbian and if anyone doesn't like that well then that .. more..

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