The Rain of Many

The Rain of Many

A Story by 0AudreyClaire0

This is no ordinary rain, though. This is the rain of many. The rain of the lost and free. The rain of release and sorrow. The rain for those who no longer suffer, no longer draw a breath.


One drop. Two drop. Three drop, more. 
One kill. Five kill. Ten kill, more.  
This repeats in my head, an endless loop, as I walk down the deserted road. That is, if you don't count the bodies. Lifeless and still where they perch, waiting to be removed. They almost look happy, for smiles grace their lips in sleep. That is understandable of course. Why would anyone want to live after they lost everything? Families, friends, homes...gone. Burned away never to be seen or heard of again. Yes, death is an escape for what lerks the streets of this haunted town.    
I watch the fog as it creeps into the road. It's fingers reaching out to clam the souls of the lost. The buildings stand tall as they observe, wise in their age. They moan where they stand, wood decaying and beams bending.   
Four drop. Five drop. Six drop, more.
Twenty kill. Thirty kill. Forty kill, more.  
The night grows darker. Eerie in its endless sky of black. No stars, no clouds. I pass the body of a young woman, her blonde hair grey in the night as she sleeps on the stones. Peaceful... yes, that is how she looks. The fog inches closer. Who knows what lies behind it. Oh, how I would love to find out. For some reason, the Presence left me alone. What torture it wishes for me! I would curse it, but I would be too late, for it already is.   
Silence wraps the town in its grasp, unwilling to free it. It suits it. Oh, how it suits it well. The rain pours,

unrelenting and steady. This is no ordinary rain, though. This is the rain of many. The rain of the lost and free. The rain of release and sorrow. The rain for

those who no longer suffer, no longer draw a breath. Each drop a soul set loose. A pardon for those who 

seek it. The lifeless, that is.
In peace they sleep, their bodies no longer a burden. I envy thee. Having only lived here for a few short years, I cannot imagine the sorrow of those

who lived here longer. It seems that each year, a family member or friend would vanish, wonder off into 

the night. Those who had servived say the Presence calls to them. Its voice sweet and tender as it loured them to darkness. The wails and cries from the houses of those who drew their shutters echo in my head. From each household it left one alive. One family member left to moarn the others.  
So strange this night is, for the presence decided to take a new approach. One by one the living fell silent, dropped to the floor like flies. Leave one; me. How unlucky I be. Alone and broken on this empty street shrouded with the dead.

The sorrow crushes me.   
But wait! I see something! There- beyond the fog. The buildings groan and screech in pleasure. Yes, it is my time! A crisp wind carries the fog closer, swiriling it around the road and bodies, swallowing them whole. I smile at the site, for 

nothing is more beautiful. Oh, how I longed for this. The presence has not forgotten me. My soul will join the rain. The rain of many.     


One drop. Two drop. Thee drop, more.
One kill. Five kill. My death, still.   

© 2012 0AudreyClaire0

Author's Note

Please let me know what you think and your take on the storie. I would love to hear that. So, I hope you enjoy. :)

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It flowed so well, and the rhythm and dark story kept me focused until the end. Thanks I was entertained:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

The first two lines just sucked me in. The whole thing is completely eerie and i'm left slightly confused as to what actually happened.

Posted 11 Years Ago

cute story. C:

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh wow I love the rhymes in this, this is deep and wonderful.
thanks for your kind words...

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love the repeated rymthe that breaks up the paragraph. It's eerily tragic and includes equally sadly. It's very poetic and well written. As an aside, when I was a kid my older brother freaked me out about nuclear war and how if you survived the rain would be toxic and it would takes you ages to die. This freaked me out and I prayed if there was an atomic bomb I wanted to be right in the centre. As I was reading this, it errirlybreminded me of exactly at,.
This would make a gret longer piece and I think you have the talent to be able to do it. Keep writing

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really liked this! :) It kind of has an eerie feel, especially at the beginning. Keep writing! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow it's nice :) really truly it is.
- Anthony

Posted 11 Years Ago

You capture the atmosphere well, with a haughty, gloomy air. It would make a good head under the bedclothes tension story. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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