Wrong or Right?

Wrong or Right?

A Poem by Abdul Batin Osman Bey

To everyone, just stop the hating and think

  • Christians, Muslims and Jews

    Not one of you can speak for God

    You can only speak for your small portion

    A small glimmer into the great eternal


    How are we to fully grasp the Lord?

    The one who controls every aspect of the universe?

    It is HE who created us and only HE can destroy us

    He numbered the days of our lives, the stars, and even the sand

    Because we wrote books and went to the moon we think we know


    If Abraham is our father why must we fight?

    God speaks to us but we filter the message

    Mixing our views with what should be blowing our minds

    Fencing in the beauty so only the privileged few can grasp it

    Even the chosen don’t truly grasp anything

    They don’t grasp because they are programmed to view things in certain ways


    We condemn people to Hell so easily

    Based on orientation and religion

    Who are we to do so?

    What authority do we have?

    If you don’t do exactly as you are told

    Pray a certain way

    Eat a certain way

    Stay away from one product but not the other

    Believe this way not that way

    Then you will be allowed into paradise

    What about others?

    They burn?

    Is the all-knowing God that petty?

    Is our Master purposely holding the key so far off knowing we can’t read them?

    Or is the way simple and man messed it up?


    I love God

    I live for God in my imperfect way

    But for religion I feel contempt

    They hide too many truths

    Hurt too many people


    If God is a God of love

    As all the people say

    Then why do all his religious followers spread so much hate?

© 2012 Abdul Batin Osman Bey

Author's Note

Abdul Batin Osman Bey
Let me know what you think

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I think that it is sometime dangerous and not wise to write about religion as it can offend some people.. For myself i am not religious, but i liked your poem. It's interesting to see it from someone's point of view. Very interesting form.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Abdul Batin Osman Bey

9 Years Ago

Thank you for your words, as an artist I feel as if it's my duty to write about how I feel or whatev.. read more

9 Years Ago

It is not art if it should come to offend people. Art should be enjoyed not Be hurtful. But i enjoye.. read more
Abdul Batin Osman Bey

9 Years Ago

I'm not trying to offend anyone but if someone gets offended nothing I can do about it. I'm glad you.. read more
Amen! Abdul wise words indeed a God of love can never be that petty , religion is man made . good write

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Added on July 7, 2012
Last Updated on July 7, 2012
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Abdul Batin Osman Bey
Abdul Batin Osman Bey

Cambridge, MA

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