M**********r Friend

M**********r Friend

A Poem by Ambra Celeste

M**********r Friend

She wears the jealousy dress and adorns her neck with gossip pearls
Pretentiously she impersonate your best friend
She knows you believe in her, that you care for her
Your secrets she publicizes on a dirty talk magazine
Laughing behind your back ‘cause you have being so naïve
Her evil smile widens when you look bad
She believes your boyfriend should be with her 
She points out all your defects, making you feel so imperfect
She is disloyal by default and her words are toxic smoke
She gives the Judas Iscariot kiss, just as infamous, just as unmistakable
She always paints portraits of her voluptuous self
She thinks so highly of herself
Her company makes your spirit perish, under her wing you will never flourish
Her rotten energy one must expel, she is like a disease
Much unwanted and truly unpleasant 
She is the w***e of true friendship 
You are the mirror of the evil Queen
Embellish her crib no more, dethrone her flawed soul.

© 2014 Ambra Celeste

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"She is the w***e of true friendship
You are the mirror of the evil Queen
Embellish her crib no more, dethrone her flawed soul."
I like how you use the language. Alive, vibrant and strong. You gave this story in the poem life and reason. You create a cold character and a interesting tale. I like the complete poem. No weakness in the outstanding poetry.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ambra Celeste

9 Years Ago

Thanks so much for all your reviews and thoughts. :)

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1 Review
Added on May 20, 2014
Last Updated on May 22, 2014
Tags: crib, defects, flawed, friend, gossip-queen, imperfect, jealousy, judas, toxic


Ambra Celeste
Ambra Celeste

LONDON, United Kingdom

Ambra Celeste leaves Italy for London in hopes of following her passions and dreams. Upon arriving in London however, Ambra finds events that shape her life forever. In her new book, “Be Careful.. more..