The Watcher

The Watcher

A Story by A Social Corpse

About a little girl with a problem.


The bangs became louder with each passing second, the labored breathing of the drunk man could be heard through the closet door. His footsteps were loud and echoed through her head, the moment was coming, where he would take everything from her. Leave her to be nothing but a shell, an empty vessel travelling through world with no substance. She sat there in tears, hugging her teddy bear with a grip so strong it hurt her muscles. The fear boiled in her and the terror was starting to take control. She sat there, looking at the crack under the door and could see his shadow, he was standing outside of the door, ready to do what he wanted. The feelings ran into her like a truck, the feeling of helplessness and being alone. She was alone in this nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from, she was alone and had only the Devil as company. She remembered last time and all the blood and the pain from her bones breaking and her skin tearing.

The tap on the door was quiet but it sounded like a bell in her head, her heart dropped and she knew this was it. She looked to her teddy bear and stared at its lifeless eyes, wishing, praying that it would come alive to help her. Her sadness engulfed her and she bursted into tears, squeezing the Teddy bear as hard as she could. “Please, someone help me…” She whispered to no one. The taps came again and she stared at the door knob.

“Ashley…” The voice was slurred and the word was drawn out, “Ashley, please don’t be scared, remember, it is just a game. You just have to trust me.”

She scooted back to the wall and cried her little eyes out, the doorknob turned slowly and soon it swung open. He stood there in his nakedness, holding the bottle of liquour in one hand and his other grabbing himself, playing. “Ashley… come here, it won’t hurt you.” Ashley said nothing, she didn’t even look, her mind was gone, in another world. There was no stopping it, she wouldn’t fight, that made it only worse for her. The man stepped in and grabbed her arm and threw the teddy on the floor, he pulled her hard and threw her out of the room. He could hear the pop of her shoulder coming out of socket. “Oops..” He said with a chuckle.

She laid on the ground lifeless, he stood over her and then began to undress her. “I will make it quick.” He whispered to her.

As he started to pull her pants down he heard a snapping sound come from the closet. He turned  his head and looked into it. Nothing, just the dumb old Teddy, he went back to what he was doing and had the little girl’s clothes off. Before he could go any further, he heard a voice.

“Stop what you are doing.” The voice was quiet but assertive, the authority could be heard. He stood up quick and looked into the closet, there was nothing, he looked around the room he was in and saw no one. He quickly brushed it off as nothing and knelt down before the girl and grabbed her ankles, ready to do what he was wanting to do. In a flash he could feel himself being lifted off the ground, he began to panic and thrash around, the grip was not breaking. His head was beginning to be forced to the left and he saw the man. “I told you to stop.”

The drunken man looked in bewilderment, the man that was now holding him was in white clothes with gold armor on his chest and legs. One of his hands was holding the drunk man and the other was by his side wielding a long sword. “What are you?” The drunk man asked, he was starting to sober rather quickly, “Who are you?!” The man screamed at him.

The warrior said nothing, “Today is your final day, this moment will be your last, and your eternity shall be experiencing what she has felt.” The warrior’s face showed no emotion, his eyes just stared into the man and he quickly thrusted the sword into his chest. A bright light emitted from the point of entry and in a flash he was gone. The warrior stood there and stared at the child. He sheathed the sword and bent down to grab her, she quickly backed away from him.

“I am not here to hurt you, Ashley. I am here to rescue you from your torment, I have watched you for some time now and was kept from intervening until now. I couldn’t watch it anymore.”

© 2013 A Social Corpse

Author's Note

A Social Corpse
Please ignore some mistakes in grammar and spelling, I literally threw this together in like 20 minutes, I just needed to get it on paper. I know the ending isn't an ending, but I am not sure where to go with it or what I want to do with it. If you have any suggestions let me know.

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Added on December 13, 2013
Last Updated on December 13, 2013
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A Social Corpse
A Social Corpse

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