The Slingshot: American Dream

The Slingshot: American Dream

A Story by Abishai100

An American idealist and political cartoonist uses the image of a slingshot to talk about inventive new age democratic dogma.

I needed to create a special Valentine's Day political fable about new age sociological sentimentalism after seeing the film Dave, so I really hope you'll read it and like it.
Signing off,

"Ajay Satan, an Ivy League student (Dartmouth College) made a political-cartoon oriented color-pencil doodle-drawing of a fictional comic book villain named Goblin. Ajay used the Goblin for a political criticism of the Trump Administration (USA), saying that Trump was visited in his dream by this eerie creature. Ajay got a lot of praise for his witty and clever political cartoon and was offered a chance to visit D.C. for a special convention about the Trump Impeachment hearings. Ajay was humbled and decided this would be a chance to further his education in American politics, so he took a photo of himself for his blog about American enterprise, which was forwarded to the White House."

"The Goblin was used by Ajay for his wry remark that dealing with scandals, controversial tweets, and impeachment hearings made U.S. President Donald Trump extremely wary of modern American metaphysics and magic. The political editorial which appeared in the Dartmouth Gazette was then reprinted in the Washington Post, which is why Ajay was invited to the special Liberal Party convention in D.C. concerning the Impeachment Hearings. Ajay realized the Goblin had made him famous now."

"Ajay took his girlfriend, a fashion-model named Alyssa, to the Liberal Party convention with him. The convention was quite interesting and there were a number of famous society figures there, each representing their own group, including Hollywood (USA) movie-superstar Leo DiCaprio who was endorsing his eco-activism group at the convention, arguing that the Trump Administration had forwarded foolish energy policies leading to widespread global-warming neglect. Ajay was grateful Alyssa went with him to the D.C. Liberal Party convention, since he wasn't too keen on politics yet and felt like Alyssa afforded him great spiritual confidence."

"Ajay was a Political Science major at Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire). He studied great American thinkers and other political science theorists such as Adam Smith, Henry James, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Frantz Fanon. Ajay wanted to apply his teachings to present himself in the political arena as a strong and devout advocate of democratic values in modern-day America, even if he was still a bit green about the real political arena (in D.C.). Ajay considered his education at Dartmouth as vital to his overall mission to make America feel more inclusive and dioramic."

"Ajay was an extraordinary fencer and was a co-captain of the Dartmouth College Big Green men's fencing team, which captured the Ivy League title in Ajay's junior-year, when Ajay was the top-fencer of the team. Ajay had a grand painting of two fencers in his college dorm, which his girlfriend Alyssa really liked. Alyssa took a snapshot of the painting on her handy-dandy iPhone and took it to the D.C. Liberal Party convention. Ajay and Alyssa showed the painting to Leo DiCaprio, telling him that new age liberals (in Ivy League schools) cared about the developing etiquette in American civilization that catered to modern sociocultural dialogue. Leo was very impressed."

"When Ajay and Alyssa returned to Dartmouth, Alyssa took out a new Ouija-board he purchased online. She told Ajay that they should play Ouija and see if they could make underworld contact with the spirit of the Goblin that made Ajay famous. Ajay was wary of tampering with metaphysics and black-magic and wondered if he and Alyssa should use the spirit-incanting Ouija-board to experiment with making contact with a real potential underworld spirit of the Goblin that Ajay drew for political discussion. However, Alyssa managed to persuade him."

"The two love-birds believed they made contact with the spirit of the Goblin that Ajay drew. The Goblin seemed to tell them that Ajay would have a dream that night about encountering a demonic American psychopath named Devil who'd try to completely deconstruct Ajay's sense of political and American idealism. That night, Ajay did indeed have a strange nightmare in which he thought he was a costumed vigilante or ninja encountering a masked psychopath named Devil who wanted to interrogate Ajay and make him confess that he was too politically naive to become a real American revolutionary. When Ajay awoke in a cold sweat, he told Alyssa that he realized he was meant to become some kind of modern social-justice priest."

"Ajay decided to go to Hollywood to visit Leo DiCaprio whom he'd met at the D.C. Liberal Party convention. Ajay showed Leo an Instagram photo of a cupid-angel representing the haunting quality of social romance and why the angel could be used symbolically as an avatar for American discussions about the loss of innocence and sentimentalism in modern politics. Ajay told Leo that Leo should use the angel-painting avatar for eco-activism work, and Leo told him he'd try to use the angel-avatar in a special eco-website blog about the role of Christianity in the advocacy of new age environmental issues such as water pollution. Ajay was already using his interests in progressive politics to create social networks devoted to real change."

"Ajay and Alyssa watched the DiCaprio film Django Unchained, in which Leo portrayed an eccentric old-America character who was quite ruthless and wealthy. Ajay and Alyssa decided that if Ajay were to nudge his way into the American landscape of politics and culture, he'd have to feel more immersed in the arenas of the aesthetics of American ideology and history. Ajay decided to start reading books about American sociocultural history and wondered if he should move with Alyssa to New Orleans where Americans were very expressive about social life."

"Ajay and Alyssa purchased an authentic rubber-slingshot at a New Orleans antique toy-store, since it reminded them of the Biblical story of David and Goliath, in which the aspiring Jewish king contended with a giant adversary of society named Goliath by using a slingshot to disorient the large bully. Ajay took a photo of his new slingshot for his new liberal Internet-blog about the appearance of modern American politics and why everyday people could use metaphoric slingshots to take aim at the general corruption of modern capitalism around the world. Ajay considered his new slingshot an excellent symbol of new age spiritual rhetoric."

"Ajay decided to continue making political cartoons for a New Orleans journal, and his girlfriend-now-wife Alyssa worked at a law firm there. They lived comfortably and happily in New Orleans as American dreamers, and Ajay referenced various Marvel Comics villains such as the Green Goblin in critical political editorials/cartoons about the nature and shape of new age democracy-rhetoric. Ajay talked about the Green Goblin as a modern avatar that contrasted the liberal optimism of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Ajay wondered if his newfound sense of American idealism would lead him to great kinds of divine creativity.

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on February 15, 2020
Last Updated on February 15, 2020
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