The Punisher (Marvel Comics): The Young & the Restless (Fan-Fiction)

The Punisher (Marvel Comics): The Young & the Restless (Fan-Fiction)

A Story by Abishai100

As Jabot Cosmetics in Genoa City markets a Coronavirus psychotherapeutic perfume, terrorists invade America to create panic, prompting two heroes to offer daylight!

This final Coronavirus vignette is a Punisher (Marvel Comics) fan-fiction cross-genre story mixed with the iconic Young and the Restless CBS soap-opera (TV) and featuring the DC Comics superheroine Batwoman. This story's about viral anarchy and goosebumps. This parable also features the iconic Sergio Leone cowboy-Western super-villain El IndioThanks so much for reading (signing off),


"In Genoa City, a powerful family operates a very successful cosmetics company called Jabot. There are power struggles within the family and some complicated love-triangles. Paul loves Lauren and Jack's sister Ashley wants more respect as a Jabot chemist. The family lawyer Michael tries to keep everything above water in the media. This is typical American capitalist and community intrigue in the modern age. Everything seems more or less cool and above anarchy."

"A new Jabot perfume is developed during the terrible Coronavirus outbreak across the globe. This perfume is light and promotes good oxygenation and breathing and is partly made from healing herbal ingredients. Since Coronavirus patients use ribavarin-combination medications once infected, in the hopes of evading fatality, the new Jabot perfume is meant to encourage general life vitality. The Abbott family, head of the Jabot company, sends scientists and representatives to help market the new perfume and soon a cologne is offered. This makes Jabot a surprisingly active company in American society."

"However, all this anti-virus social activism in America draws in the interest of anti-American terrorists, including a PIRA rogue-agent named Ila Dale and a Spanish anarchist named Indio. Ila and Indio seek to subvert Jabot and create panic in the streets during the Coronavirus outbreak. Suddenly, Genoa City seems host to a 'Mortal Kombat' of capitalism frowns and paranoia. Ila is a consummate terrorist and used pedestrian fears to create general lifestyle paranoia. Ila is the new threat to Genoa democracy."

"Indio is no more harmless than Ila. Working with the Spanish anarchists and plotting to attack the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament which eventually sees host nation Spain winning, Indio wants to use public spectacles to create widespread panic. Indio is the Devil himself and wants to poison the Jabot perfume/cologne marketed for Coronavirus psychotherapy and decides to contaminate bottles with a deadly airborne hallucinogen. Who can stop Ila and the nasty Indio from creating hell in Genoa and America?"

"Fortunately, this hero arrives in the form of a crusading vigilante named Punisher. The Punisher wears a black-skull costume and wields powerful handguns and crossbows and can tackle the recruited thugs and minions of Ila and Indio who're doing their very best to create hell in Genoa City. Ila goes so far as to dress up as a fictional comic book character named Daredevil and tries to rob a major New York bank with Indio who's also costumed up, but Punisher arrives on the rooftops of the city to stop them. Can Punisher save Jabot, Genoa, New York, and America?"

"The Coronavirus is a deadly disease related to SARS. The Coronavirus affects the respiratory and immune system and is detected first as forms of severe fever or pneumonia. There is no known cure, but doctors and scientists around the world are developing ribavarin-related medications and vaccine-combos to help quarantine and treat infected patients and contain the outbreak. The last thing America needs is a traffic unhygienic hellfire created by Ila and Indio."

"As the younger members, sons and daughters, of the Abbott family try to cheer on the Punisher and hope that all this sadistic anarchy fades so Ila and Indio don't prevail in subverting the Jabot Coronavirus perfume/cologne psychotherapy marketing campaign, these sons and daughters are also concerned about the way the deadly Coronavirus is impacting Americans' optimism towards general lifestyle diarism."

"Ila and Indio meanwhile plan a coordinated explosives-attack on NY and the skyline becomes a mountain of ugly smoke. Punisher hastens to chase them to assure the good people of America that this sort of Coronavirus-time hellfire will not last and that terrorists like Ila and Indio will not and can not win!"

"The Punisher is a cool customer and a friend of Genoa City. He wants everyone to feel good about commerce in the time of sectioned virus quarantine policy. He wants people to feel like everyday life is not threatened by the forces of evil. The Punisher wants humanity to get through this virus pandemic tribulation with the best possible composure. The Punisher is America's best supercop."

"A corrupt female capitalist tycoon named Ivana Trump (no relation to US President Donald Trump) decides to market her own Coronavirus perfume called Satan which is meant to subvert humility and promote more glamour in this time of quarantine paranoia. Ivana is a real witch, and she wants to make the Punisher's crusade more challenging. She's the real enemy of Jabot Cosmetics."

"However, a daring female vigilante named Batwoman arrives to make sure that Ivana isn't able to forge a terrorist alliance with Ila and Indio. Batwoman rides an iconic Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle and considers it her mission to assure the people of Genoa City that commerce will not be completely darkened by the Coronavirus pandemic. Batwoman's motorcycle is a symbol of modern courage."

"Batwoman's younger sister is a bike-mechanic and a big fan of Vincent motorcycles. She makes sure her older sister's bike is always running properly so she can do her work in Genoa. You can clearly see this time of tribulation requires the teamwork of many creative minds."

"Jabot hires a new fashion-model for their Coronavirus perfume marketing campaign on TV. This model, Julie Barbara, appears in ads featuring the Jabot virus psychotherapy perfume as an ideal 'antidote' to this emerged modern lifestyle disease! Jabot now has a great feather in its marketing cap, so hopefully terrorism and evil will not reign over American beauty."

"A comic book artist makes renderings of the superheroine Batwoman who's tackling the evil capitalist Ivana while making a sudden new alliance with the Punisher who's still tracking Ila and Indio to make sure Jabot's lifestyle marketing campaign during this pandemic time of fear is not destroyed. This Batwoman art is circulated on the Internet and helps people feel like there're many who want human beings to feel comforted in this period of undesirable deadly influence."

"Paul, a key member of Jabot and the Abbott family, and ex-husband of Lauren and new fiancee of Cricket, has been working with the FBI and the CIA to offer advice and insider-information regarding what kinds of corporate procedures can be subverted by hackers and terrorists like Ila and Indio. Paul becomes a great ally to the Punisher while Batwoman deals with the evil Jabot rival Ivana. Will humanity prevail now over the presence of dirt and disease?"

"A royal family from Europe provides their key support for Jabot and the Coronavirus psychotherapy marketing campaign. This royal family lends its support equally for the Punisher and Batwoman. Perhaps such support will bolster the human courage in Genoa City and across the world. This royal family has become an invaluable ally."

"As Ila and Indio try to branch out and recruit rogue terrorists around the world, various special security forces, military personnel, and policemen/women rally to contain their efforts and enhance the work of Punisher and Batwoman. These security heroes comprise the real story of the Coronavirus diary."

"Young people and couples on the Internet are moved to blog about the creative imagination surrounding Coronavirus optimism! There're images of Western models in culturally expressive fashions and young men from varying religious backgrounds offering comments about the social value of free-speech and media. This is ironically good dilemma-time dialogue."

"Meanwhile, the Jabot family invites Punisher and Batwoman to their giant mansion for a Saturday night enchanting dinner of Japanese rice and sushi. Surely, there's time for class in a time of great anarchy!"

PUNISHER: Our job is to destroy terrorism and fear.
BATWOMAN: We can at least create street theater!

"Will Punisher and Batwoman succeed? Will the Coronavirus subside? Will humanity endure? Will Jabot and Genoa City continue to flourish? Will Paul break up with Cricket and re-marry his first true-love, Lauren? This sort of human story is what makes the pandemic survival a thing of magic...and duty."


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on March 24, 2020
Last Updated on March 24, 2020
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