Numerology: The Soccer Prince (Quarantine-Diary)

Numerology: The Soccer Prince (Quarantine-Diary)

A Story by Abishai100

An idealistic numerologist named Ajay uses soccer and and faith to endure his quarantine experience during the global Coronavirus depression!

I needed to offer up one more parable about the Coronavirus dilemma, and this last one's inspired by the film Hearts in Atlantis.
"Ajay Satan was a gloomy prince enduring the Coronavirus pandemic in the USA in the summer of 2020. He was a Christian and fan of numerology and palmistry and liked looking at the astrological patterns involving the chances of his favorite soccer team, Netherlands, winning the World Cup and that fortune's correlation to the Coronavirus misfortune around the world. Basically, Ajay was a modern-day fortune knight using soccer to pray about virus depression!"

'Ajay Satan lived in New Jersey and was under strict quarantine, so he spent some of his time perusing comic books online and collecting comic book art on the Internet. These comic book images signified Ajay's interest in heroism and survival and the magic of life, which is why he wrote short-stories on the Internet about comic book characters playing soccer to cheer kids up during the Coronavirus pandemic!"

"Ajay Satan used numerological patterns he took notes on and correlated them to his Christian beliefs and EWTN commentary on the Internet to get an overall sense of how humanity was dealing with the modern Coronavirus paranoia. His numeric patterns and Christian faith in human resilience paralleled his online investigations of the virus spreading around the world. He wanted to link his love of Dutch soccer and the World Cup to a human spiritual fascination with the fortunes of vital fitness!"

"Ajay Satan was considered by some of his enemies to be a dark or evil prince. He was the heir to a prestigious family, and he wanted to use his royal lineage to promote ideas about democratic teamwork during the global Coronavirus problem. He decided to use as his online avatar a dark and intriguing orange male fairy to represent his love of Dutch soccer, since the Netherlands national team usually wore orange colored uniforms!"

"Ajay Satan was not liked by women really, since his love of soccer was not really normal when he tried to correlate athletic success to numerology and Christian mythos. This made him sort of an online eccentric figure, and multiple women blogging on the Internet called him a typical athletics marketing fairy. Nevertheless, he didn't let their distracting beauty get in the way of his comments about the fortunes of soccer destiny!"

"Ajay Satan liked making paintings of soccer teams and tried to re-present his admiration of Dutch soccer specifically. He used numerological patterns and palmistry to make predictions about when the Netherlands would finally win the World Cup title, after humanity survived the Coronavirus pandemic. He linked his soccer paintings to his love of Christian faith."

"Ajay Satan never left his house, since he was under strict quarantine in New Jersey (USA). He spent time playing card-games alone with his bright orange colored Bicycle cards. He thought he'd arrange card-playing luck with this analysis of numerological patterns he used to make predictions about virus survival and Dutch soccer triumph. This comprised his quarantine idealism!"

"Ajay Satan graduated from Princeton University and was knowledgeable in mathematics and studied numerology formally and used this acumen to highlight his evaluations of probability characterizations. His endeavor was both academic and metaphysical and symbolized a human defiance of succumbing to Coronavirus depression!"

"Ajay Satan liked a certain female Green Lantern (DC Comics) character whom he used for his online blogs about the color and flair of modern-day youthful life optimism in the face of disease and pandemic fears. He used this comic book heroine to think about the quality of creative survivalism!"

"Ajay Satan kept a small pen and paper next to his small plant on his office-desk, which he used to write Christian prayers about the day when the Netherlands would win the World Cup title, a day long after the Coronavirus pandemic subsided. This was his form of human strength ---- diarism!"

"Ajay Satan knew one thing --- somehow his complementary love of soccer, numerology, comic books, and Christianity would see him through this terrible time of spiritual bankruptcy. He was therefore a decent elf!'
"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 26, 2020
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