Faberge: The Halloween Rabbit

Faberge: The Halloween Rabbit

A Story by Abishai100

A rabbit-mask wearing stranger at a celebrity party showcasing $20 million Faberge eggs seeks to steal the precious items and make a sarcastic remark about modern disease.

Ok, Ok, one last heist vignette (I promise!), and this dandy is about celebrities and Faberge eggs and was inspired by various heist films I've enjoyed over the years showcasing thievery among high-society! Thanks so much for reading (and enjoy), 


Celebrity Christian Hale was in town in New York showing off his collection of extremely valuable Faberge eggs, which he'd collected over years of research. Faberge eggs had become quite the rave among celebrities, perhaps because they made great American modern royalism symbols as opposed to the more archaic and less designed totems and diadems of royalty's past from Europe. Anyways, Hale had multiple Faberge eggs to show off at a celebrity masquerade party in Manhattan.

Hale lived in a very lavish mansion in California but was on the East Coast for this New York masquerade Halloween party in 2024 to show off his Faberge eggs. His eggs were valued at over $20 million. There were 4 in all he brought with him to New York, and these four alone were worth a combined amount of $20 million. Hale wanted to show off the eggs at the Manhattan Halloween party thrown by celebrity actress Anne Baxter, of Batman film fame. Anne visited Hale often in his California mansion and wanted him to bring his eggs to her Manhattan loft party that Halloween, simply because she loved to visit his Cali mansion in the summertime.

Well, as Hale showed off his collection of Faberge eggs at Baxter's Halloween party in New York, Anne Baxter provided one of her own, a recent one she purchased at an aristocratic auction for about a cool $2 million. It was a small and dark red Faberge egg, and it complemented Hale's collection of 4 worth a total of $20 million. This was a fun presentation at a Halloween party in which the guests just wanted to celebrate autumn networking and forget about the Coronavirus past.

ANNE BAXTER: "I thought I'd dress up as a princess or just as a party hostess, without any particular costume or mask or anything, but in the end, I think I'll settle on dressing up as a witch this Halloween, and I think all this Faberge egg intrigue was just making me feel excited about looking like a very typical American aristocrat!"

Well, the guests at Baxter's party were in great Halloween fare, and they truly resembled specters, ghouls, zombies, and freaks at this celebrity gathering. Hale was dressed as a pirate, and Baxter came as a traditional Halloween witch as she promised herself. This was awesome celebrity networking, and people joked these Faberge eggs shown off by the hostess and her special friend-guest Hale should be given away to charities. However, this Faberge Halloween Manhattan affair was simply an autumn dive commemorating the endurance of the Coronavirus.

One very weird guest who showed up at Baxter's special Faberge Halloween party in Manhattan came wearing a very large rabbit-mask. This guest insisted he worked on a film set with Christian Hale when the actor was still relatively young and reaching towards more prominent movie roles, and the movie set was for a Spielberg film. Baxter and her friends and security guards decided in the end not to question too much if this rabbit-mask guest was honest or some kind of intruder, especially since he volunteered to make drinks at the bar, and his drinks were greatly liked by the Halloween guests.

ISAAC SATAN: "I was the rabbit-man at Baxter and Hale's special post-Coronavirus Faberge Halloween party in New York this autumn, and I wanted to infiltrate the celebrity ranks simply to grab Hale's $20 million eggs, which I heard about through a circle-insider; this is great art, a time of modernism theft during times of great civilization duress and drama (i.e., Coronavirus), which is why I consider myself a dual-natured 'thief' of great American dash."

Isaac did manage to steal Hale and Baxter's Faberge eggs at the Halloween party. Isaac had spiked all the drinks he made at the bar for the guests as the volunteer bartender. When enough guests were passed out in the late hours, and everyone thought they were just drunk-sleeping, Isaac skulked his way into the safe-room where the Faberge eggs were kept and placed them in his Halloween bag and replaced them with cheap but rather well-ornamented Faberge fake-eggs he brought with him. Isaac departed and fled with the $20 million celebrity eggs to New Zealand where he became a revolutionary underground online writer, writing about the corruption of capitalism by media, using the pseudonym American Critic (AC).

HALE: "When I catch the darn b*****d who stole my Faberge eggs at that Halloween party, I'm going to make rabbit stew with his meat and then sell his body to medicine; those eggs were precious to me, and there's no reason to assume there's some psycho civilian movie-nut or fan who wants to arbitrarily critique capitalism with a hideous theft of otherwise gorgeous designer eggs, worth over $20 million, man!"


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Oh, the eggs are so pretty! I love the pictures you include with this. It makes me want one for myself, but alas! Whenever I get a pretty object, I can only admire it for so long before I grow used to it and no longer look at it. I think it is best to admire pictures of them on the internet and move on to admiring other pretty things that I will never own.

I believe that is the same for people. Beauty in humans is an indicator of health and fertility, but physical beauty only goes so far. It depends on your goals in life, but I think this is good advice for many people:

Posted 9 Months Ago

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