Shiva/Saraswati: Alien Resurrection

Shiva/Saraswati: Alien Resurrection

A Story by Abishai100

Two deities transform into Weyland space-explorers to travel to an uncharted planet and embark on a dreaded adventure.

An extra Alien fanfiction, featuring two Hindu deities (Shiva/Saraswati) who happen to be 'daybreak' love-birds. Enjoy! 

The two Eastern deities, Shiva (god of destruction/meditation) and Saraswati (goddess of learning/music) were thinking about going on a special civilization adventure together. The two were an unlikely pair, after Shiva went to Saraswati for love and courtship following his troubling relationship with his two supreme-goddess wives Durga/Kali due to political disagreements. Shiva had fallen in love with Saraswati whom he found kinder and gentler, and he wanted to join her on this special civilization adventure and therefore temporarily leave their idyllic mountaintop haven.

SHIVA: We'll go on a space-exploration trip for the Weyland Company in America.
SARASWATI: I hear Peter Weyland's designing a space-mission to engage with an uncategorized intelligent alien.
SHIVA: This will be a terrific chance for the two of us to find a unique adventure together in civilization, darling.

The two deities transformed themselves into Algerian-American recruits for the upcoming Weyland space-exploration company mission to uncharted planet Origae-6 where an intelligent communication signal, apparently constructed by an intelligent uncategorized alien intelligence, was detected by Weyland. Shiva/Saraswati became the Weyland space-explorers/soldiers Amlan and Esmerelda.

The mission for the Weyland company would be on the newly-designed far-travel space-ship the Auriga. The crew would be comprised of doctors, scientists, soldiers, and diplomats. Amlan was a good pilot and would be the Auriga captain, and Esmerelda was a Lieutenant. The Auriga was now on course towards uncharted planet Origae-6.

PETER WEYLAND: Once we've made monumental contact with this unidentified alien, civilization will change.

The crew was immediately shocked on the Auriga when it was discovered that one of these intelligent aliens who'd sent the communication signal detected by the Weyland company had sneaked onto the space-ship when the Auriga was hovering above the atmospheric orbit of Planet Origae-6. Amlan ordered everyone to remain wary and armed in case this alien was hostile.

ESMERELDA: The alien is hostile and looks like a large insect-dragon and we've named it Xenomorph for its adaptations!

The Xenomorph alien it turned out was looking to steal the blue-sapphire laser-energy diamond on the Auriga space-ship which fueled all kinds of engineering powers and circuits. The Xenomorph aliens wanted the blue-sapphire and use it to design their own space-ship, and they're willing to execute any human who tries to prevent this space-heist!

AMLAN: These Xeno-aliens possess corrosive acid for blood, so it's deadly to puncture them; we'll have to collect their acid.

Captain Amlan (Shiva!) suited up as a geared Auriga prowler, striking at the Xenomorphs with lasers and then collecting their dripping acidic-blood to store in a collection of water-guns held on the Auriga for children's entertainment! Amlan fitted these convenient toy water-guns with a protective inner-glass tube and filled them with the very-same acidic liquid comprising the Xenomorph aliens' blood. Captain Amlan was now the Robin Hood of the Auriga.

AMLAN: By returning hellfire with hellfire through this acid-gun defense, we'll show these aliens who's boss!

After one of the Xenomorph aliens grabbed the sapphire energy-diamond from the vault, Captain Amlan managed to shoot the intelligent creature in the face with one of his handy-dandy 'acid-guns' and retrieve the sapphire. When the Auriga fled safely back to Earth, with only 3 crew-members lost to the Xenomorph alien contact, Amlan/Esmerelda (Shiva/Saraswati!) informed Weyland they'd like to resign from all future Xeno-missions for the Company and retire comfortably with their pensions earned from their heroic feat of protecting the Weyland sapphire energy-diamond. Weyland congratulated them with a comfortable 'safe-box' bank retirement in Switzerland.

SHIVA: That's an adventure!
SARASWATI: We sure discovered the universal ambition for treasures, dear.
SHIVA: That Xeno-alien was a universal menace!
SARASWATI: Now, we can delight in the simplicity of each others' contended company, dear.
SHIVA: Farewell to the undesirable 'darkness' of dollar intrigue.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on June 20, 2021
Last Updated on June 20, 2021
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