Brussels Bank-Robbery: Heat (Copycat!)

Brussels Bank-Robbery: Heat (Copycat!)

A Story by Abishai100

A wily follow-up thief performs a copycat-heist of a baron's blood diamonds in Brussels to challenge the 'doggy' system.

A blood-diamond copycat-tale inspired by Dog Day Afternoon. Enjoy! 

Brussels (Belgium) is the place where the notorious blood-diamond baron Goldfinger's been storing his terrorism-financing gems from Africa. Now, Goldfinger has a new challenge in Brussels. Follow along!

The rich Brussels bank is where the challenger is planning a successful blood-diamond heist of Goldfinger's terrorism-diamonds, and no security level can hold back this type of adversary, the Red Hood Gang, who's targeted this specific city in Belgium/Europe where blood-diamonds have become underground diadems.

RED HOOD GANG: We're here for Goldfinger's blood-diamonds and care nothing for violence or mess here!

GOLDFINGER: Those b******s stole $10 million worth of high-quality Belgian diamonds from my beloved Brussels bank.

The police-detective on the case of the Red Hood Gang is none other than Elka Maes, a ravishing beauty who's rumored to be assisting Goldfinger in various ways.

A story is rich here, but there's a funny turn in this fable. A 'copycat' theme named 'Thespian' has just arrived in Brussels (Belgium) to perform a theatrical 'copycat-heist' of Goldfinger's remaining gems inside the very-same Brussels bank where Red Hood Gang struck, and this copycat-mime thief, 'Thespian' (real-name: Amlan Satan) loves riding the Brussels Metro.

AMLAN SATAN ('Thespian'): I'm hitting the very-same Brussels bank as Red Hood, but I'll add a water-gun twist.

Satan/Thespian arrives to the Brussels bank off the Metro costumed as a street-mime/performer, claiming to the bank manager he's doing a water-gun street-show about the Red Hood Gang hitting Goldfinger and just wants media-performance photos of Goldfinger's remaining gems, the two large Vanderbilt stones, worth $10 million!

Once inside the safe-box area with the escorting manager/guardsman, Satan/Thespian reveals his water-gun is filled with corrosive acid and proceeds to burn a hole through Goldfinger's safe-box and steal the 2 Vanderbilt stones and replaces them with fake replicas hidden in the lining of his theater-performance costume-jacket. He tells the manager this is a media-stunt designed to reveal to the media that Red Hood Gang is actually on the 'payroll' of Goldfinger, designing elaborate media-stunts to trick the public into turning Goldfinger into a martyr. This 'acid-gun' copycat-followup heist performed by Satan/Thespian will draw in more Interpol-relations investigations into Goldfinger's actual underground ties!

BANK MANAGER: Business at our fine Brussels bank that day was peaceful and normal, so Thespian was timely really.

GOLDFINGER: I'm sending my henchman Leatherface after this clown Thespian!

Thespian (Amlan Satan) was right! Red Hood Gang was indeed working for Goldfinger, painting the nefarious terrorism-financing baron as a martyr with the fake heist. Now, Thespian's actual heist, with Interpol-ties, has drawn in more responsible journalism surrounding Goldfinger's actual underworld activity. The Belgian newspapers call Thespian a modern-day 'genius mime' with a special taste for vigilante-dance.

Satan however is now stalked by Goldfinger's henchman Leatherface who's determined to portray the vigilante-copycat as a following nerd. Leatherface claims Thespian is nothing more than a minion of cops, so Thespian blogs online, in full vigilante-costume, "At least I have the dash to challenge Baron Goldfinger with real theatrics, so his henchman Leatherface should know he's now dealing with a pro-doctor."

Satan/Thespian helps cops track Leatherface and meanwhile buys a Lamborghini with Goldfinger's Vanderbilt money. He then tells the press, "What's the value of vigilantism without a dash of sporting flair?"

INTERPOL: Blood-diamond corruption today threatens the entire European diamond-matrix and requires drama.

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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