Volunteers-Derivative (Storm-Shadow)

Volunteers-Derivative (Storm-Shadow)

A Story by Abishai100

A vignette about 'academic glories' in times of tremors, referencing an iconic school with iconic detention!

A fantasy-adventure about college-environment dominoes, inspired loosely by The Program (James Caan). Thanks for reading,
DISCLAIMER: I have no official affiliations with any school/group mentioned in this sports-media vignette (USA) and intend this only to be a work of fanfiction of American diaries (and drawings) and any realism or news-allegories is purely coincidental/incidental. 


Storm-Shadow is at the University of Tennessee's math department, working as a mathematics professor (visiting-associate) for computational models of behavioral decision-making systems in biological groups (human/nonhuman).

STORM-SHADOW: As a covert gov't-specter, I find great comforts visiting Tennessee during the football and Xmas-seasons!

Now, the University of Tennessee 'Volunteers' boasts great academics/athletics and its various sporting teams such as the colorful women's volleyball squad represent the school's commitment to investing in excellence in the United States!

This season, it's once-more the vaunted/celebrated Volunteers college-football team that might attain the ultimate glory, led by an 'uncanny' running player named Peerless Price who's already being tied to the Kansas City Chiefs.

STORM-SHADOW: The Volunteers football program has generated so much national lights, it's hard to ignore the cheers.

You might ask why a math-nerdist would have a gov't-specter name like 'Storm-Shadow' and the answer is unclear except we do know he works on computational models for decision-making bio-systems relevant to modern understandings of matrix-viruses and social dynamics in pressure-systems, which makes this Fellow a real American dreamer.

However, his 'clandestine' work for GI Joe gov't-work makes him equally a 'specter' of piracy interventions analysis which have applications to understandings in regular systems chemistry degradations. This requires this daft dude to be something of a 'ninja' of sporting design!

STORM-SHADOW: I might be a 'specter' of the gov't-wheel of math, but I remain a Vols-spirited 'dude' for the football vanity.

Storm-Shadow wins a major award for the Vols Math Dept with his special work on erecting behavior-decisions models that mutate/rotate/transform under conditions of symmetry variability through slight perturbations of the 'imaginary' bifurcation axes, generating coordinate pairings of nearly-identical 'deformed' couplings applicable to understandings of matrix-virus anti-bodies!

Despite all this 'math glory' for the Volunteers of Tennessee, Storm-Shadow's considering the value of a strange worry for the college-football season this year which sees its star Peerless Price perhaps helping the team get all the way to the national title, if they can defeat the rival Seminoles of Florida (State)! The Vols' math-dept building reminds Storm-Shadow of the academic 'lights' of campus environment imagination(s).

STORM-SHADOW: Every man and woman at Tennessee is reading the SI-issue of Peerless Price destiny for the Fiesta.

It's no fun being a 'cheerleader' in this modern era of traffic/capitalism systems claustrophobia which complicate everything from Nat-Geo networks to Starbucks, but a strange new investor named Eric Nash has come to the Vols campus claiming he has 'diamond-investment' ties to Sierra Leone, but Storm-Shadow's certain this guy's a terrorist!

STORM-SHADOW: I'm generating a monitoring cyber-algorithm to track all Nash-emails during the Vols winning-season!

When the evil Nash realizes/discovers his nasty plot to subvert the Peerless-season for the Vols title hopes has been detected by the engineering Storm-Shadow, he flees the campus, and Storm-Shadow publishes a series of articles in the Volunteers Gazette about the value of cyber-monitoring 'robotics' in this new era of matrix designed sportsmanship.

His wife prepares for him a celebration dinner of amazing Cajun shrimp and wild rice with oysters, and people think, "Is this paranoia finally over, and will Peerless grab the title from the Seminoles for the Fiesta?"

STORM-SHADOW: If I ever catch this Nash-fellow, it'll be for the toasting of the Vols' title over Florida (State) this year!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2022 Abishai100

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Added on January 24, 2022
Last Updated on January 24, 2022
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