Courier-Stich: Game Hypothesis

Courier-Stich: Game Hypothesis

A Story by Abishai100

A darted rivalry between distant 'detectives' of new-gen/modern creates a 'hologram' in France and deeds that division-dance of athletic difference(s)!

A random tennis sports fanfiction, dramatized but inspired by real pro-tennis, to sign off with. Inspired loosely by Wimbledon (Kirsten Dunst)! 


The great American rising star-champion Jim Courier faced off against the rising-star Michael Stich (Germany) who'd been on course to challenge the likes of Boris Becker at Wimbledon. However, these two new-gen stars of pro-tennis would face each other in a very nice 4-set match in the 1991 French Open. Courier would win the match ultimately, despite a 2nd set tie-break which would go to a rather nice-long 8-6 score (best of 7 counter)! Courier played with a certain focused hard-edged consistency style mixed with hard-angle shots of great diligence and aggressiveness. Stich on the other hand was a German player of great footwork, swiftness, terrific strokes, and court-mindedness which rendered him a special tennis 'shark' of offensive consciousness.

COURIER: I work very hard and honestly hope others don't work as hard.
STICH: I face a tough opponent and have to keep focus on this sport, my life.

Stich is a champion in tennis but also a terrific soccer player, but that's of no concern in this 1991 French Open matchup with the rising-champion Jim Courier, who's on course to win the French Open with his terrific sense of wrought diligence and aggressiveness. Many sports-writers considered such a matchup a fantastic diadem of new-gen pro-tennis since it would see a young American with diligence and edginess squaring-off against a rising phenom in Germany's Stich, an athlete of mixed athletic ability and sure-footed swiftness. This was not the tennis of Jimmy Connors and Mats Wilander but a new-gen tennis seeing outstanding forms of play in the modern domain of aggression-versus-magic.

COURIER: Some say I play like a training robot, but I think my tennis is one of synchronicity!
STICH: I like playing a opponent like Courier, because he brings out your sense of sporting-divination.

In this aspect, the 1991 Courier-Stich matchup (scoreline: 6-2,6-7[8-6],6-2,6-4) invites a sports-writer to concoct a special sports/tennis 'game hypothesis' coordinating the special 'dance' of tennis' unique consciousness regarding athletic grounding, swift offense-defense ballet, and shot-selection diaries. Such a 'game hypothesis' reminds us why sports-writers might like to recount special 'rivalry' games between the Yankees-Sox (baseball), Cowboys-Giants (football), and Pistons-Blazers (basketball). This Courier-Stich matchup might remind us why the modern world creates a socialized 'lens' on the athletic contours of real/serious dodge. What else does one need to construct a 'portrait' of modern diagrams?


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2022 Abishai100

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Added on January 26, 2022
Last Updated on January 26, 2022
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