The Scarf

The Scarf

A Story by Abishai100

A married-couple in America recounts a momentous event on Super Bowl Sunday 'drawing' a 'human' life 'chess' wisdom.

A tale of supermarket courtesy yielding a married-life wisdom, inspired very loosely by Serendipity (John Cusack). 

Amlan Satan was at the Supermarket on Super Bowl Sunday to pick up a quick box of microwaveable wings for the big Eagles-Chiefs game and wanted to invite/host his buddies who'd been traveling to his New England apartment to watch the game with him all the way from Princeton. However, this was a day that a strange sideshow would color his social-media posts about the serendipity of the consumerism/media culture and draw out a different brand of Super Bowl weekend optimism in the United Sates. It was snowing that morning (Sunday) when Satan walked into the super-store and was wearing his warm winter-muffler/scarf. He began to shop when he noticed a beautiful woman slightly shaking in coldness after having run into the store from the cold outdoors (ha).

SATAN: I noticed the young woman, of my junior in years, perhaps just out of college, and I'd just completed my grad-studies and had been working as a Bostonian schoolteacher and was older than she, obviously, but she caught my attention/eye and I wondered if I'd be gallant enough to make her feel cozier/warmer with a winter-apparel gift gesture and offered her my winter-muffler (scarf) and thought about what I might email her or post on her profile-page on social-media after the Eagles would win the Super Bowl and I'd share the cheers with my buddies (wow).

SHEILA: He was so kind and gallant to offer me his winter-scarf, which I really appreciated, and though I had a winter-hat in mind to purchase inside WalMart that Super Bowl Sunday of snow and horrid coldness which sunk into my female bones, I knew I needed a scarf too but didn't want to purchase both a winter-hat and a scarf at the store that morning, and when this 'prince' offered me his very very warm neck-muffler, it simply made my outdoor-return a breezy comfort, and it restored my sense of gusto and happiness; I knew then that I'd met my future husband (haha).

SATAN: I made you this batch of chess-men shaped/molded butter-cake cookies, Shelia.
SHEILA: Do you remember 2 years ago, before we got married, when we met at the cold Super Bowl weekend super-market?
SATAN: Of course I do; it's how we met...I gave you something...a 'gift' that day, right (you'd felt really cold or something).
SHEILA: Mittens?
SATAN: Was it mittens...did I buy you very warm mittens for your shivering 'bony' hands, Sheila my love?
SHEILA: Oh man, you was your 'magical' winter-muffler (scarf) which made my outdoor-return a breezy-comfort.
SATAN: Oh, yes, that very fuzzy scarf (my mom gave me for my b-day); the Eagles won the Super Bowl that day, Shelia.
SHEILA: That's what you remember, Amlan...the Eagles triumph (not the scarf?).
SATAN: Well, yeah...but I'll make-it up to you right-here/now...with these chess-cake cookies, Sheila my love.
SHEILA: How's that the cure to your amnesia, Satan.
SATAN: You know why...I love chess; it's like half-my-brain; I'm the President of the New Porcellian; I'm cheering it with you.
SHEILA: You can make it better...but how?
SATAN: Alright...I'll download/purchase the Cold-War chess-film Pawn Sacrifice (Ed Zwick) on Netflix to buffer this failure.
SHEILA: Now that's a 'tasty' ellipse (good, dear).

"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages" (Friedrich Nietzsche).

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2023 Abishai100

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Added on February 3, 2023
Last Updated on February 3, 2023
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