For Just One Night

For Just One Night

A Story by Ahmed Tokyo

A true story


It was one of the heavy winter nights that i used to spend lonely ... but this night was different, special and also unique .....
This night is unforgettable cause it made me learn that days my come and go and i still know nothin' about how hard life is ...

From my window, i used to watch the dark cold street every night

but on that night there was something different , the street was pulsating , the life's soul was radiating from that sound and movement of some youth playing football ... light killed the gloomy darkness ...

and the stranger came as usual ,
i can't deny that i was totally sympathetic with that mentally retarded man, he used to come every night i don't know why .all what i know is that he stay for an hour or more then he go home, the home which may be another street and nothin' more

the stranger came and then a death silence was here , the ball stopped and one of the boys got the man's hand to let him pass to where he used to sit ...
the stranger's eye didn't let the ball escape .. the ball took all his vision field ... i can see his feared eye look when the ball was going to hit him ...

it didn't took him long and then he started to leave ,, the silence is here again ,,, the boys stopped to let him go in peace

he really went in peace ,, as he reached the end of the street ,, the man was hit by a crazy car ...

the man is dead ,, he died but why ,,, he died cause of carelessness ,, but he really was dead before it
he died not when he found himself out of life ,, but when he found life back ,,


he died cause he couldn't live or contact with life even for...JUST ONE NIGHT ..!!

© 2011 Ahmed Tokyo

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Added on September 7, 2011
Last Updated on September 7, 2011


Ahmed Tokyo
Ahmed Tokyo

Cairo, Egypt

I have to give special thanks to: My best friend who has been encouraging me through the years : Islam Mo3taz I am looking for a poem that says Everything so I don't have to write anymore. more..

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A Poem by Ahmed Tokyo