The Warlord's Burden

The Warlord's Burden

A Story by Ahmed Agamy

A warlord that commands a great army in a waging war, is faced by a rebellion from his starving people. Sitting down to decide their fate, with pencil(P) and Eraser(E) he writes down his decision.


P “To Kill! Kill… K I L L. An easy command, must finish fast by master's hand”

E “No No, Kill is bad, erase, life is good, pen write what you should”

P “Don’t erase my command, I write and draw, the word is mine the lines will grow. Kill!”

E “Master fears the power of what he’ll say, a million fed or a million to slay. Erase!”

P “The great master does not fear, only great progress he finds so dear, I write once more the word so clear, the decision, Kill! Kill those peasants who did not hear.”

E “No…No! The great master sees his way, light he forsake yet return to it he can, nay, he would become light itself if that is his say.”

P “The peasants ignored his order and stood against his will, hungry yes but they had no right still, his word is law his wrath upon them fell, once again it is time to write the word it is time to kill.”

E “No, erase ,his people are hungry, the master thinks in his might he plagued them with famine and warmongery, his plight, his heart cracks with light, he remembers the families the friends that laugh and play, the warmth in his heart back in the day.”

P “NO! No memories or laughter no past only the present and the future. Progress! Progress, the march of progress, nothing else shall interfere or interlude, let the poor pay for their weakness we will stand strong for our troops.”

E “No! The memories keep us strong and diligent, remember why it all started; the leadership, the hope, all was for the poor, the families and the friends that play under the skies that pour.”

P “We have not enough for all, the war is ongoing all could fall, let them die for the country to live, kill them with every sword, knife, and shiv.

E “They are the country, don’t you see, if you do not hold its honor all will end in melancholy, uphold the honor and even if all is gone, you have the victory my lord, you already have won”

P ”Blast this pain and hatred! Let my heart spring of life again let it be gold plated, honor above all I shall withhold, let the tears of my people be untold, all my blindness is gone, a start of a new dawn.”

E “Write my lord of life and glory, kill the fear end this story. Return as the beacon of hope for those you made sorry.”

P “Life, life until the very death, Life to all is my final word, it is my only wish.”

© 2016 Ahmed Agamy

Author's Note

Ahmed Agamy
The pencil and the eraser both resemble the warlord's inner struggling and combating thoughts. The pencil resembles his ferocity and will power, the eraser his heart and wisdom.

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Added on January 13, 2016
Last Updated on January 21, 2016
Tags: political, death, killing, saving, humane, king, leader, life, hope, corruption